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We meet the 32-year-old entrepreneur who uses his years of experience from the media and skincare industry to create a lifestyle and beauty brand embracing diversity and individuality, rather than ideals while challenging out-dated norms.


Just after school, Carl Falkenberg started working within the media industry and ended up at the previous video-streaming start-up Voddler. He then studied two years of international marketing and sales at a business school, before deepening himself within the beauty industry.

— From my years within it, I certainly learned a lot – both dos and don’ts, he says, using those experiences for brand new vegan lifestyle and beauty brand NO SOCIETY, with a willingness to change the industry.

— The products are developed and sustainably manufactured in Stockholm, while the packaging primarily is made of fibres from sugar canes and recycled material and fully recyclable.

Many consumers, he continues, do not want to, or simply do not know how to, change their consumption behaviours, in order to decrease environmental footprint. The same goes for companies.

— I believe it is a shame that companies still don’t take enough actions regarding topics such as plastic pollution – 86% of all plastic today is not being recycled. We have the possibilities to do better, but for various reasons, it is taking way too much time. It is obvious that not enough companies are taking sustainability seriously due to either not knowing how, or not even wanting to change as that would limit their potential to stay the way they know it. The most crucial reason is probably because of the potential additional costs related to the change itself. Isn’t fancy strategy documents or regular press releases about new collections outdated? We obviously need to create a rather radical change and start viewing our companies differently.

Thanks to the brand’s go-to-market strategy, primarily selling their products through their own e-com, they have an accessible pricing, enabling more investments into the products, ingredients, and sustainability.

— If we were to sell the majority of our products through retailers — online or physical stores — the products would be 40-55% more expensive due to their margins, Falkenberg says.

The initial skincare range consists of five products. Even if the brand is unisex in their approach, two products are slightly more focused on men.

— No Drama Shave Butter. It has a transparent and thick gel-formula, which softens the beard and making the razor slide while shaving. Thanks to vegetable derived and highly effective ingredients such as the Tasmanian pepper, it even proactively reduces redness and irritation and has an instant soothing effect from shaving. This Tasmanian pepper comes straight outta Australia and simply is a beast. It’s almost all you need for a shave — The Aborigines even chewed it like gum when they had a killing toothache.

— No Stress Post Shave Mist. You apply it with a (non-aerosol) cooling spray and thanks to natural vegetable-derived ingredients such as anti-inflammatory horse chestnut as well as Tasmanian pepper, this long-term soothing and mild aftershave, reduces redness and irritation after shaving and doesn’t dehydrate the skin.

— Kind Of Nice Face Moisturizer. Face moisturizer gel with an, more proud than loud, anti-shine and youth-preserving ingredients. Ingredients such as Betaine from the Finnish sugar beet help to increase cell reproduction and decrease signs of aging and skin impurities. Ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate is humectant and hydrates the skin on a deeper level than traditional ”moisturizing” ingredients. This Face Moisturizer even has the ”Swiss-army knife” of ingredients; Niacinamide which is a Vitamin B3 with tons of great qualities, such as it increases elasticity, evens out skin tones, strengthen barrier functions and reduces the fine lines that make some look like a cute bulldog.

— Decent Face Mist. Also contains Sodium Hyaluronate and is perfect for the office desk — hydrating all day. It also contains Inositol which is like a green and biological superhero. It’s superpower: keeping your water balances in check.

— No Biggie Lip Treat. This little ”nugget” contains a high share of moisturizing ingredients, such as Jojoba oil and Shea Butter. The No Biggie Lip Treat also contains Candelilla wax resulting in a ridiculously moisturizing Lip Treat.

Also being a lifestyle brand, the range contains other product categories, such as key wallets, the classic tube socks, and tote bags, primarily manufactured of fin organic cotton, in Italy and Turkey.

— Just as we speak we are manufacturing more fashion-related and sustainable products, which will be launched shortly.

First, we need to make sure people try and appreciate our initial products. Of course, we hope that the people will appreciate them, enabling us to sustainably innovate more product categories, challenging the industry and lead by example. That is our main goal. We want to send a message to all those who ignore the desire of both people and the planet to make a quick buck. We are saying No. No more. Not while we’re here.