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Klarna gets smoooth with new Snoop collab and the Swedish design studio with a non-industrial approach to everything they make

Also in The News Report: the only pair of raw denim you’ll need this spring has just arrived and Caliroots and Diemme go wild in a new collab.


Klarna gets smoooth with new Snoop collab

Two years ago, one of Europe’s largest banks Klarna, who are providing payment solutions for 60 million consumers across 100,000 merchants in 14 countries, felt that they were just as corporate blue as the other financial and banking brands out there.

– It was difficult, not to say impossible, to distinguish Klarna from the competitors – even harder still when competitors continuously aimed to copy our products, says Rebecca Jerndahl Tepavac, Marketing Manager. We quickly realised we needed to do something different, something that was impossible to copy and something that truly set us apart from the entire industry.

– In general, people don’t care about brands, but they care about the way a brand makes them feel. And apart from safety and security, the thing that really matters to consumers dealing with payments and economy is convenience. That’s why we decided to build our entire brand promise on the feeling of ease, enjoyment and relief. Or, simply put – Smoooth. Everything we do needs to resonate with the brand concept, and at the heart of that is a promise to focus on creating the best customer experience in the industry.

– As a part of taking the Smoooth concept to the next level, we initiated a collaboration with Snoop Dogg. The idea was simple: can we make one of the world’s smoothest persons even smoother?

– The Smoooth products we’ve launched now are the next step in our collaboration with Snoop Dogg. The collection includes some of the things seen in the commercials, such as the gold peanut butter, a silky bed set, and the particularly smoooth robes. But we’ve also added other delights such as cashmere toilet paper and a massive inflatable slide in the shape of a dog. Ultimately we hope that this collection will bring a smile to people’s faces and get more people to discover the perks and the smoothness of paying later with Klarna.

Snoop Doog has been criticized for his treatment of women. How is your view on this?

– It’s not that common for a Swedish ad campaign to get as much attention as our latest Get Smoooth campaign, says Jerndahl Tepavac. Although the reactions have mainly been overwhelmingly positive and most people seem to have received the campaign like we hoped they would, there will always be some people that would have another view on the campaign, or in this case might disapprove of a collaboration like this. I respect the fact that you can look at it from different perspectives, it’s totally okay to have different opinions.

– We strongly believe in equal rights for everyone, regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation. I don’t want to speculate on what Snoop’s views are in general or on specific topics – as with most things in a partnership some values are shared by both parties and some are not. Questions about Snoop’s private views and how they have evolved during his 30-year career he would have to answer himself, says Jerndahl Tepavac.

Is this a “one-shot” or will you do anything more together?

– Snoop acts as an advisor to Klarna in all things pop-culture. We did a number of commercials which you can enjoy since some time, and we’re now releasing this smoooth collection. We’re so happy to do this and this is our focus right now, no one really knows what the future holds at this point.

”We have a non-industrial approach to everything we make”

Swedish design studio Vinterfeldht compare themselves with the Arts and Crafts Movement and embrace the philosophy of Wabi Sabi in everything they make.

– We appreciate the beauty of natural materials in their rawest form and through the combination of design and the distinct characteristics of the chosen materials, each piece created is unique, says Founder Joel Van Der Gaag, continuing:

– We use an unorthodox sand casting technique that we developed to give each work a unique and distinctive character, no two items are the same. At present, sand casting and kiln casting glass forms the basis of most of our works. Brass, bronze, shibuichi, glass, and leather are the materials we have used to create this collection. We believe that Aldous Huxley said it best when he said: ”Good is a product of the ethical and spiritual artistry of individuals; it cannot be mass-produced.

”When it comes to raw denim, it’s really about studying the behaviour of the garment over a long period of time”

Independent online-only, direct to consumer menswear brand Asket’s aim is to stop fast consumption by creating zero-compromise essentials, the garments we use and love the most.

– We’ve managed to nail all aspects of fit, quality, design, longevity and sustainability, says Co-founder August Bard Bringéus. At the same time, we’re making the choice more affordable by slashing middlemen and traditional retail, creating a direct relationship with our customers and reinvesting the wholesale margin in a quality at a better price.

Their most recent launch, The Raw Denim, is something special for many reasons, Bard Bringéus explains:

– Personally, because it closes the loop in terms of the first style icon we looked at, James Dean. We started with The White T-Shirt, now we have the blue jeans.

– Second, Japanese raw denim has a near-mythical reputation of craftsmanship and caring for your denim is almost a science. We traced the entire supply chain back to the cotton, farmed in Texas, and travelled to visit and learn all steps of the manufacturing process, from spinning of the legendary Japenese denim yarn in Anjo, Aichi, to cutting outside the beautiful coastal city Urbania, Italy and sewing in Monsampolo del Tronto.

– And lastly, we’ve co-developed the denim with our customers for over a year. When it comes to raw denim, it’s really about studying the behaviour of the garment over a long period of time, we did a longitudinal study on 20 dedicated beta-testers that wore the pants for 9 months before releasing. That way we could see how the fabric and fit behaves depending on multiple use-cases in terms of wear, frequency and how you choose to wash. Our advice is to never do the latter immediately, but after six months using dry clean or 30/40/60/90 degrees. And after that, we released it only for pre-order to learn our customer’s size preferences. The pre-order broke our order record – twice. And the result is our highest rated garment ever – it scored 4.83/5.00 on a scale from 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent).

You continuously launch new additions to your range. Which one will we see next?

– We’re bringing back our Pique Polo together with our first pair of shorts this spring and in fall we’re moving into entirely new categories – can’t say too much yet, says Bard Bringéus.

Caliroots and Diemme go wild in new collab

In their wildest collab to date, Caliroots has linked with luxury Italian-Norwegian footwear brand Diemme on the Monte Grappa ”Different Animal”. Building on Caliroots’ previous leopard-printed garments and collabs, this shoe celebrates the Swedish retailer’s wild at heart mentality, ”no f*cks given” attitude and desire to approach streetwear a little bit differently.

The fifth collaboration between Caliroots and Diemme, this shoe is the most unapologetically loud and luxurious. Made in Italy, the upper boasts 100% calf hair (sourced from famed Italian tannery Vicenza Pelli) and 100% cow leather lining and detailing. It sits atop the innovative Vibram Rolling Gait System, Vibram’s latest technology specifically designed for maximum comfort and reduced muscle fatigue. It comes with both white laces and orange laces for maximum wildness.