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It’s all About Vintage

We speak to the fast-growing Danish watch brand about the key to success and the opening of their second store in the heart of Copenhagen.

Words: Johan Magnusson

About Vintage was founded by childhood friends Sebastian Skov and Thomas Andersen with a background in advertising and marketing and economy respectively, making the roles in the company quite clear.

— We share a passion for watches and design, which was the building platform for the brand, the duo tells.

The story began on a beach during a holiday in Mexico, talking vintage watches. Skov and Andersen stumbled upon a problem: they liked watches, but they could not afford them.

— That conversation sprung the idea to the brand. We wanted to make the alternative to the watch in the bank box; our dream watch at an affordable price. Combine that with the hope of one day having the perfect watch collection and multiply it with an empty bucket of lime infused Corona’s… About Vintage was born.

The brand is built on the ideas of timeless design, a minimalist expression and the traditions from Danish design history.

— Many new watch brands are different by being very modern in their expressions or pushing into the fashion market with price as the differentiator. We have classic designs with a minimalistic expression and small vintage details, all in an affordable luxury category — a fast growing segment. Our brand vision is to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, our focus is to make simple yet spectacular timepieces for the everyday gent, says Skov and Andersen, adding,

— We have named each model after significant milestones in watchmaking history. We celebrate and honour these milestones and we bring a bit of history to the wrist of the watch’s owner.

Their most recent launches include the launch of their first diver collection, the 1926 At’SEA.

— It’s a 39,5mm divers watch with a 200-meter water-resistance. It comes in four different variants, all with a stainless-steel bracelet. The launch went extremely well and the watch sold-out during the first 48-hours. We also launched a limited edition of it, called the 1926 At’SEA All Black. As the name suggests, the watch has a black case, black dial and a black strap. Two versions are available, and both are limited to 999 pieces each. The first production batch sold-out in just around 24 hours. The next batch arrives in March. Another important launch for us, was the 1969 Petite collection. It’s our first female collection and so far, it’s been doing very well. In total, there are 9 models available in the collection.

A few weeks ago, they opened their second store in Copenhagen, located on the main shopping street, Strøget.

— We hope that the new store will allow us to share our products and brand universe with even more people. Furthermore, we hope to attract a whole new customer group of tourists and locals, says Skov and Andersen.

about-vintage-new-store-stroget-copenhagen About Vintage’s new store.

about-vintage-thomas-andersen-kristian-haagen Thomas Andersen and Denmark’s leading watch connoisseur, Kristian Haagen, at the store opening.

And what’s more for 2020?

— We will launch a selection of special editions of the 1926 At’SEA, which will include both quartz and mechanical models. And then there might be a new and exclusive collab in the making, launching around December, but not yet officially confirmed.