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Right in time for the First Advent weekend, Industrial Designer Jochen Lavéno Mangelsdorff spreads the light with new candle collection 1 Ljus

In the northernmost parts of Scandinavia, the polar night has just occurred and the sun won’t be seen until beginning of next year. Perfect timing for Mangelsdorff’s new launch then, consisting of two Swedish-manufactured products with the traditional tactile materials, glass and ceramics.


When Lavéno Mangelsdorff develops a concept, he likes to work with geometrical shapes and strive for a clear and graphic expression.

— With these basic forms, I experiment with different materials to obtain functional expression and, at the same time, an effect. I also strive for a sense of balance between the materials and the expression. If these things coincide, I usually get a feeling that; there is something exciting and magically worth continue working with. This approach has led to the expression of this collection, he says.

The candleholder Sfär (Sphere) is composed of three parts. A two-part spherical shape with a water-cut sheet of glass in between. The spherical shapes are made in the Porcelain factory in Lidköping and have a rough matt glaze launched in the colours earth red and dark night, as well as a sandy white soda treatment. The finish is contrasting the glossy surface of the glass. The matte outer edge refracts the light which forms the glowing circular path that is characteristic for the lantern. The effect becomes strong and graphic at several angles.


Spegla is based on a specific chrome-based mirror glass that is not completely opaque, the result makes the product acts as a mirror when the candle behind isn’t lit. When lit, part of the mirror effect disappears, and the light appears in the middle while the matte edge of the mirror gently glows and enhances its round shape. At the same time the candle casts light to the sides which beautifully is fading out. The stand in which the mirror glass and candle is placed is made of solid crystal glass by Målerås glassworks in Småland.

— When I came up with these products, I was very careful not to create a direct light and a more subtle expression of the candle, tells Lavéno Mangelsdorff, continuing,

— I created this through the shape of the products, the choice of materials and the surface treatments. With this approach, I changed the light of the candle. Sfär (Sphere) invisibly moves the luminous power from the candlelight through the glass to illuminate the edge like a glowing ring. Spegla with its two expressions where I wanted to create a mystic and almost poetic feeling. It opens a curiosity for the materials and their physical properties to work with light in this way. I have put a lot of focus on this part while designing the collection.