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Iconic architect and designer Alvar Aalto’s groundbreaking work inspires a collection of timeless streetwear

Makia Clothing celebrates the legacy of a true icon of modern architecture together with Alvar Aalto Foundation.


Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) has left a deep footprint in the history of design with his individual and distinctively humane approach. His work was marked by an ability to create structures that are both functional and human, with a dynamic relationship with nature and superbly executed details.

Together with Alvar Aalto Foundation, Makia had the privilege of studying the original archives of Alvar Aalto’s architectural office, and from this they have compiled a clothing collection that is interpreted through their eyes and at the same time honours the legacy of the master of line and form.

— Making cultural heritage produced by Alvar Aalto better known to a wider audience has never been as exciting as it has been working together with Makia. It’s exhilarating to see young people today interested in Makia’s clothing and in Aalto’s architecture and design. But now we get a chance to test how well they work together. We’re not here to make speeches we’re here to make quality products, says Tommi Lindh, CEO, Alvar Aalto Foundation about the collection, available in Makia’s Helsinki flagship and webstore as well as at selected premium retailers and online.


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