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”I wanted to include everything in one rug”

Swedish Kasthall team up with well-renowned British designer Lara Bohinc for a rug collab, inspired by Japanese symmetry and Scandinavian nature.


Lara Bohinc and Kasthall met one year ago, and the design process started in November.

— I went to their factory in Kinna in Sweden and was blown away by all the different yarns, the fabrics, all the different ways of tufting, and the production. It was like a whole other world, she says.

What did you have in mind designing this collection?

— It’s based on my years in Japan, where I spent a lot of time in all their beautiful gardens, and their obsession with the sun and the moon, hence the name of the collection. One could say it’s a mixture of two different aesthetics, combining Kasthall’s quiet colour palette with the Japanese graphic patterns, and a marriage between the two sensibilities.

During the last few years, Lara Bohinc has spent a lot of time in Scandinavia and her design collab with iconic design company Skultuna became a huge success. Kasthall, on the other hand, received great feedback on their Sight Unseen collab, presented during Stockholm Design Week. The From the Sun to the Moon line consists of two rugs in four different, nature-inspired colourways — Rose, Dust, Earth, and Dove — as well as wall-hangers and Kasthall’s first-ever pillows. Everything is made to order at the mentioned factory in Kinna.

— And it’s all natural, mostly made of wool and linen, and no silk. I wanted to create something that goes well together with Kasthall’s existing colourways and to include everything in one rug.

How come that you’ve cooperated with two Swedish companies?

— I really like your design sensibility. Everywhere you go, things are beautifully presented and sustainable and you know that people have been treated in the right way. It’s beautiful companies to work together with.

The line is on display and available for purchase at Kasthall’s flagship store in Stockholm, together with Bohinc’s latest pieces of furniture. It’ll also be showcased at Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition during Salone Del Mobile as well as in Kasthall’s showroom at Milan Design Week in April.

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