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Huge hype for the opening of Copenhagen’s new ski slope made of plastic built on waste-to-energy plant next week

”The people’s hill”, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Bjarke Ingels himself, has been covered pretty much all over the media for several years and will be open for skiing, climbing, hiking, running and, in some cases, even cycling.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Christian Ingels spent +10 years at Novo Nordisk, before his passion for skiing took over and he joined the project several years ago as the CEO of CopenHill.

— This is a joint collaboration between ARC, Fonden Amager Bakke and CopenHill. I've always loved skiing, and I saw a golden opportunity to pursue an interesting project that focuses on skiing, being active together and sustainability. The latter since ARC, the green energy plant, is beneath the ski slope.

What will you be able to do when you’re open?

— We will be open for skiing, climbing, hiking, running and, in some cases, cycling. It will be ”the people’s hill”, basically, since it will be open for the public, when we have our big opening weekend the 4th-6th of October. We are anticipating a lot of visitors in general, especially from Copenhagen, where we will offer countless, diversified activities, skiing, entertainment, sustainable talks, foodtrucks and many different competitions alongside our partners.

Yes, how are your feelings now with the opening only days away?

— We are of course a bit stressed about the opening weekend, since a lot of people, including ourselves, have been anticipating it for a long time. But, we don't feel worrisome, says Ingels. It’s the plan to have CopenHill as a destination for tourists and urban mountain sport in general with focus on skiing, of course, but we want to present an environment, where you can be active together alongside friends, family and colleagues. We will host numerous events in the future, where people can enjoy themselves and get some great experiences. It’s possible to ski 365 days a year, since the surface is made of plastic, which we emphasize regularly, and everyone in the team are passionate about being active together, sustainability and skiing.

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