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Home interior brand creating a future collective to gather aspiring designers

We speak to the Stockholm-based home interior entrepreneur about his next move, following the win of Bedroom Product of the Year at Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards after only a few months running.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Karl Lindhe comes from a family where a lot has been circling around the fashion- and home interiors industry since he was little. Spending his own career in the same fields, mainly within exports, gave him the opportunity to travel and see many parts of the world. And he learned a lot about its differences and similarities — a big inspiration for his next move.

— Urban Collective is a lifestyle brand and a newly founded designers collective that is developed within the Lexington Company portfolio, he says, continuing,

— Sustainability is a core value for us and something that should run through everything we do. We try think innovative and push our expectations of what we consider sustainable design by using materials like bamboo, recycled wool, organic materials and biodegradable plastics. But also taking all elements in to consideration like freight, our partners and where we produce. It is a constant process of adding up all factors and looking at what the end result is, then try to improve.

One unique part of the brand is their future collective, aiming to gather aspiring designers from all over the world.

— We give them a platform through us and let them share their story and designs here. Hopefully we can give our customers the opportunity to find new inspiration and also having the members inspiring each other. We started our designers collection with NY-based designer Raul Magdaleno, so we still have a way to go before we are technically a collective...

When the British department store Fenwick starts a great rebranding this fall, Urban Collective is one of the focus brands within the home interior segment, being introduced in seven of their stores. The great reception and attention from UK means that they might soon evolve into their biggest market. And this might also reflect the future choices of collaboration partners.

— We are currently having some very interesting discussions and are working on how, what and who could be joining the collective this year. So without going in to too much details I can tell you we are speaking to a major UK partner focusing on a special line, a Berlin based designer that we think are very interesting and maybe a local Swedish partnership. In our search we are not limiting ourselves to textiles so we have a lot of interesting products to look at as well. The most important is that the designer shares our values and that we feel that we will accomplish something great together. And, of course, after receiving the award for Bedroom product of the year with Raul Magdaleno, we are also looking in to how to build on that collection as well.