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Here’s the new 1500 m² skincare destination – including a ”personal beauty shopper”

And the complete list with all the Nordic brands exhibiting at the world’s leading menswear event.


Here’s the new 1500 m² skincare destination – including a ”personal beauty shopper”

As the Nordic region’s leading beauty chain, KICKS offers 25,000 products from over 300 brands in 250 stores in Sweden, Norway, and Finland as well as e-commerce channel. The latest physical outlet is something extra.

– At the KICKS flagship store in Gallerian, Stockholm you’ll find over 230 different brands, says CEO Freddy Sobin. In our men’s range, we have classic skincare brands such as Clinique and Biotherm, and we’ve recently added Dermalogica’s skincare series for men. Also our new brand, Le Labo, offers a skincare series specially designed for men. Grown Alchemist is also a brand that many men appreciate. We have several beauty services, including ”Perfect Skin for Men”with a skin analysis after which our skin therapists help to create a suitable skincare routine, which includes shaving and beard care. KICKS is also launching a new tailor-made service called ”Personal Beauty Shopper” as well as ”Fragrance Wardrobe”, the later where we help our customers to create a personal fragrance wardrobe for a whole variety of occasions.

Do you see an increased interest from men in terms of skincare and beauty?

– In the Nordic region, we’re seeing a huge increase, and this applies not only to skincare but also to makeup, such as concealer and foundation. In our flagship stores, many men are also purchasing our makeup services, such as ”Perfect Base” that focuses on coverage. To meet this increased interest, we’ve also developed several tailor-made treatments for men. In addition to skincare treatments, we also have Nail Bar services that have been specially designed for men, such as ”Hey Handsome”, which is a nail strengthening treatment.

Why is it so important for you to be opening this 1500 m² store at a time when e-commerce is growing so fast?

– The future of in-store experiences means so much more than just commerce. Our new store offers a very inspiring store environment that includes digital elements and different ways, not the least to strengthen the omnichannel offering. All these elements are enhanced by our highly personal and competent service. We don’t believe that the physical store is dead by any means and with this store we want to create an experience and a destination that can show our customers a vision of the future of physical stores.

What else are you planning for 2019?

– We have recently launched our first haircare product brand Budgie and we are looking forward to see how it is received in all three markets. It is a wide range of styling and haircare products with a youthful, colourful and fun design. For 2019 we are also pushing our digital initiatives even further and hope to launch several new features online as well as a more personalized and relevant customer experience. Overall, we need to continuously be on our toes and in a high pace continue to push forward by questioning established truths. This will not only accelerate the company and elevate our brand, but also be a lot of fun for all of our employees.

Bruuns Bazaar is back!

The iconic Danish fashion brand join forces with design and branding consultant Tim Hancock, who’s spent the last decade as founder and owner of Han Kjøbenhavn, to relaunch their menswear line.

– We see great potential in Tim Hancock and have confidence that he will optimize Bruuns Bazaar to a 2.0 version with a more international ”tone of voice”. We start out with SS19 and look forward to continuing the cooperation with AW19, says Thomas Bæch, CEO.

The upcoming spring and summer collection “Future First” is presented next Friday 1-3 PM during Copenhagen Fashion week at an event at the high-end concept store Birger Christensen.

The collection focuses on Nordic simplicity as well as the brand’s identity and heritage, and at the same time add a bit more edge.

– When I create a collection, I believe that ”less is more”. The goal is to produce an everyday collection that can be mixed according to taste and mood using innovative materials. I want to create a collection where Bruuns Bazaar’s brand values are expressed in the design, the materials and the color choice. This way, we made a collection with a strong DNA without it being overlaid with logos. Having said that, it is crucial that the same visual identity is expressed in each style and creates a red thread throughout the collection, says Tim Hancock.

The collection hits retailers and Bruuns Bazaar’s own webshop this month.

Two hyped Danish brands come together in limited collaboration

Focusing on sustainability and non-sexuality, Danish (di)vision and Tonsure team up in a reconstructed collaboration. It consists of 5 colorways of Tonsure’s bomber jackets that have been reconstructed by (di)vision in Denmark. The idea has been to take surplus jackets from Tonsure’s older collections and give them a new life by mixing them with (di)vision’s split and DIY-aesthetics. (di)vision and tonsure have strived to create genderless styles that are open to the user’s own interpretation.

All jackets have detachable pockets with press studs, which makes it possible to take them on and off and create a unique expression – or use the pocket as a purse or clutch. In addition, the jackets have (di)vision’s recognisable zippers in throughout the back to complete the collaboration.

The unisex jackets will be released at Storm Copenhagen this Monday, January 28.

Finnish designer launching art book in Chile and growing big in China

Helsinki-based artist and designer Daniel Palillo started his eponymous fashion line in 2008.

– I concentrated on my fashion line for almost ten years and the time went by so quickly, he says. Surprisingly, the fashion line became popular, especially in Asia. It was fun to do it but a few years ago I started to feel that running my own line made me feel more like a businessman than a creative person.

So, he quit, to put his entire focus on something closer to his art.

– I have been doing art shows in museums and galleries around the world and also creative collaborations with different brands. I have always lived day by day and I strongly believe it is important to do what feels right at the current moment. Even though I have always been based in Helsinki, almost all the work I have done is mainly for Asia and the US.

The end of last year saw you present a collaboration with Chinese fashion brand ZucZug. What did you do?

– It was for the Chinese Year of the Dog. I created a character called Doggy Dog and also designed a fashion collection that was inspired by it. It was inspired by my own dog, they are very much alike.

And today sees the drop of your new collab with Migaino. How’d you describe that?

– It is for the Chinese Year of the Pig. I did a series of different pig illustrations for Migaino, inspired by love and carnivals, and they produced a capsule collection based on the illustrations.

And recently, you published your own art book.

– Yes, I’ve been creating digital paintings and published 40 of them in my book with publishing company RAT in Santiago de Chile.

What is more to come this year?

– My textile artworks series are exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary art in Chengdu, China at the Wavelength exhibition until March. Another exhibition of my works will be held in Helsinki this fall.