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Her world-unique formula takes suncare to the next level and Wood Wood is collabing with – themselves

Also more on the 17 new handpicked Scandinavian brands now joining Pitti Uomo and how the true experts help you to stay moist


Her world-unique formula takes suncare to the next level After a Swedish inventor had been granted the patent of suncare label EVY, founder Margret Pinto brought it back to both her and her mother’s roots in Iceland in 1995. With its harsh climate, the remote (but demonstrably green) island offered the perfect conditions for testing the product. Fishermen in Iceland, who come into contact with salt water and strong gastric acids from fish on a daily basis, were the perfect test group. The fishermen’s problems with dry, irritated and red hands disappeared after using EVY.

– That was the start of the success of EVY’s products, Pinto explains. However, we have focused on making a sun care range as EVY’s formula does not only protect your skin, it also encapsulates active ingredients, carries them further into the skin layer and protects them against degrading effects of oxygen. With sun filters, the effect becomes very clear, as EVY’s sunscreen lasts up to 3 times longer than conventional ones.

Tell us about your product range. Whats so unique about it?

– EVY’s basic formula is medically classified and suitable for all skin types. It forms an invisible membrane that can not be felt, and which emulates the skin’s own functions. The formula was originally used in healthcare and by others who subject their skin to excessive washing and chemicals. EVY sunscreen range is unique and gives safe protection from UV-light up to six hours even if you bath or sweat. All products are free from preservatives, perfumes, and alcohol. Today, people all around the world have discovered the benefits of EVY’s skincare and we continue our work towards more people taking care of the body’s largest organ – the skin.

How’s the reception?

– The last couple of years we have been growing rapidly, allowing us to develop more products and marketing material. We have distributors selling in UK, Italy, Hong Kong and cross-border sales to China. During the last year, we have also started in Norway with PR and marketing from Sweden.

This week marks the annual Euromelanoma campaign. Tell us about it.

– It exists to promote and share information on skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment. It is a network of dermatologists whose activities are focused on reaching three key audiences; the general public; the scientific community; and European and national policymakers. Since it was established in 1999, the Euromelanoma network has spread rapidly across the Continent and is now active in 33 countries. Here in Sweden, we have Melanoma Week this week during which 40 skin clinics will have open house for appontment.

How’s the knowledge about sun protection?

– Generally very bad. Most people do not know how much sunscreen to use or how often to apply. With an ordinary sunscreen, you should use 35–45ml for a normal size body and reapply every other hour. EVY is different and one application lasts for up to six hours. Many people are not aware of the difference between UVA and UVB or how the UV-light is around us even on a cloudy day. Knowledge does not really have to do with age but younger mums seem to be more aware of the sun´s damage than before. Many people think they get enough sunscreen by using CC-creams and make-up with SPF, but that’s not the case.

What’s your next step?

– We are planning to develop more skin products for our Daily serie. The EVY brand is so much more than sunscreen. This fall, we are launching our original medically classified formula and in the future, we will work even closer with dermatologists and doctors.

17 new handpicked Scandinavian brands join Pitti Uomo As Scandinavia attracts an increased attention in the world of menswear, the Scandinavian Manifesto initiative for this summer’s Pitti Uomo is completely logical. The collaboration between Revolver trade fair in Copenhagen and what use to be called “The world’s most important menswear event” includes a curated mix of emerging and established Scandinavian fashion brands.

– The brands participating as part of Scandinavian Manifesto have been handpicked because of their emphasis on quality, design signature, or sustainability among others, says Christian Maibom, founder and Creative Director of Revolver. At the same time, we believe that this selection strongly represents the span of Scandinavian designer-driven menswear fashion.

– Scouting and research activities in the most interesting countries for contemporary fashion today are part of Pitti Immagine’s DNA, says Lapo Cianchi, director of communication and special events at Pitti Immagine. These brands demonstrate how Scandinavian fashion boasts some of the main factors of success for forward-looking research: The simplicity of the design combined with a modern yet, at the same time, timeless attitude; The attention to quality as well as sustainability throughout the production chain. And then the importance given to features as comfort and functionality makes these collections extremely topical today.

The collaboration between Pitti Uomo and Revolver is an ongoing project, starting with the first edition of Scandinavian Manifesto taking place June 12-15.

Full brand list: Filippa K, Tonsure, NORSE Projects, Uniforms for the Dedicated, mfpen, Newline Halo, Schnayderman’s (pictured), Forét, Organic Basics, HOPE, Whyred, Mucker, Johannes Adele, Velour, Rue de Tokyo, Packmack, and BLANCHE. &

Wood Wood is collabing with – themselves Following previous collabs with the likes of Champion and Barbour, the Danish label wanted to challenge themselves and see if a collaboration with their own brand could become just as good. The Fan Club capsule is a tribute to the fan culture and teenage obsession, featuring tees, sweats, a raincoat, a bag, and a cap, as well as another collab with Vans coming later this year. Available now in Wood Wood stores and online before the global launch May 17.

How the true experts help you to stay moist A few years ago, due to a high demand from the industry, Victus Clinic, the cosmetical chemist Lilliane Sallander, and experienced estheticians launched skincare line Solution by Victus. Their flagship product, Stay Moist, is deeply moisturizing and nourishing for dry or very dry skin, produced to recreate a natural pH value and to counteract itching. The active ingredients are 100% herbal and similar to our own skin barrier, made in France, and with a luxurious feel.

The celebrity chef’s new Helsinki hot spot The Finnish capital’s restaurant scene is growing fast, and one of their leading names launched his own sunny spot only a few weeks ago. The cozy Hampton Bay restaurant is located right next to Helsinki’s harbour, at the end of one of the city’s most elegant, historic and diverse streets, Bulevardi, The menu’s inspired by the sea and created by celebrity chef Harri Syrjänen. Don’t miss what’s being described as one of the most gorgeous terraces in town. Address: Hietalahdenranta 6.