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Paris Fashion Week

Henrik Vibskov finds his inspiration in the bathroom for the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection

After his latest collections being inspired by our daily routines in the kitchen and the bedroom, Henrik Vibskov moves to the deeply personal rituals of washing and getting ready for the day ahead for his 38th show in Paris.

Words: Alicia Nilsson Interview: Whilliam Lindroth

What is your inspiration for the collection?

We have been looking and inspired by the different objects in the bathroom, like the terry towels, carpets and the tiles on the floor and walls. we are also looking at the cleaning process, with the personal rituals of washing and getting ready for the day.

In the bathroom we prepare ourself for the day, we brush our teeth, we wash ourself clean and get our looks done. It is both a mental and physical preparation for the day and Vibskov performed his collection Please remove before washing based on this procedure. It reflects textures and patterns alluded to several visual elements of a classic bathroom: flowing water, combs, soap bubbles, toilet paper and toothbrushes and glossy surfaces inspired by steam and water drops. Vibskov kept his classic playful style on the runway: models wearing chequered patterns with different sizes and colors, hats with cap-shaped objects covering the side of the head and handbags imitating a bathroom sink.

The show was located in the American cathedral in Paris and it was meant to represent the broader concept of a bathroom as a place meant to hold a ritual of intimacy and peace. The runway decor was inspired by a surreal bath house made by shapes of real bathtubs and showers. The bathtubs had models hiding under large pink hats standing still waiting to start their performance about bath time. Each of the performers had a certain choreography based on the different routines you have in the bathroom, but all with the same rhythm and pulse. At the opening and closing of the show, music and sounds of running water integrated with the peace of the models’ walk.

The collection gave an example of environmental responsibility by using sustainable materials. All the outfits are made from 95% of natural resources, including pieces made of Norwegian wool and outdoor jackets made of 100% recycled pet bottles.

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