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Great interest for functional fashion pioneer’s limited-edition parka with WM Brown

New owners and investors and a special collab help Snoot writing a new chapter.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The Stockholm-based brand was founded in 2009 by Peter Blom, co-founder of Peak Performance.

— The vision was to combine the strict requirements for functionality and durability of the sportswear industry with the attention to detail and design consciousness of the fashion industry, says Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Larsson.

The new owners and investors have relaunched the brand not only in terms of design, including new designer Daniel Landström (GANT and Scandinavian Edition), but also taking the next step in expanding in Sweden and internationally.

— Since the start, we’ve been closely connected with fashionable, functional garments. The company will continue to build the brand with a strong Scandinavian DNA with Italian influences. With carefully selected fabrics from Italy, the company is keen on developing the mix further. The quality and exclusivity of the product are fundamental to the brand’s core vision.

The first major project after the relaunch is now live, tell us about your WM Brown collab.

— I have been a supporter of WM Brown for a while now and in early 2019 we set up the first meeting with the founder Matt Hranek. Just minutes into it, we realized that we shared a passion for outerwear, craftsmanship, function and details, so we moved forward with the project quite fast. It has been a nice ride from planning to execution with a lot of calls, emails and, of course, (Hranek’s favourite cocktail) Negronis at Dantes in New York. The result is a limited-edition Winter Parka of only 93 pieces.

How’s the response?

— The last couple of days have been hectic with people reaching out from all over the world to get one of the parkas, and we haven’t really launched yet, says Larsson, adding,

— Next up will be the parka launch with an upcoming event in New York and the roll out for 2020 keeps us busy for the moment. We will show our first full winter collection after the relaunch at CIFF in Copenhagen in January.