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Glasses to build your character, regardless of who you are

On a highly competitive market, up and coming label Oh My Eyes combines Scandinavian modernism with Japanese craftsmanship, where the new summer release includes a special nose bridge for immaculate fit.

Words Johan Magnusson

Oh My Eyes was born out of the founders’ inspiration for Scandinavian modernism; they wanted to move away from the typical Scandinavian minimalism and add more shapes and color to the design.

— Architecture is one such field we have looked at, and is envisioned in the art series Modern Buildings by Mårten Ryner who has captured Stockholm’s rich modernist heritage. Each customer gets a signed edition print with the glasses, says Co-founder Jonna Dagliden Hunt, continuing,

— The eyewear is handmade in Sabae, Japan with an incredible attention to detail. This coupled with our love for people and stories is what make Oh My Eyes stand out. We believe that wearing a pair of glasses should build your character, regardless of who you are.

This summer sees the release of the new Sabae Edition, a celebration of Japanese craftsmanship and the long tradition of producing eyewear in the Japanese city.

— On our visits to the craftsmen we have got to know the incredible heritage, and wanted to interpret some of the classical features that originate from here, says Dagliden Hunt. Coupled with our take on design that originate in Scandinavian modernism, we will start off with the classic Nawate frame which is designed with curved temples and ichiyama feature, a special nose bridge for immaculate fit. Sabae is constantly being threatened by cheap labour in China, and this is a homage to their loyalty to quality and hand craft.

The brand’s first optical frame Nawate is being produced as we write this and will be released at the same time this summer.

— It’ll come in different colored lenses as well as an optical frame. Lots of our customers have requested this so we think it will be a great introduction.

The brand’s dream market has always been L.A. so when the orders kept coming from there and elsewhere in the US, they were obviously thrilled.

— At the same time we had lots of interest from different retailers in L.A., and decided to launch with Garey the third, a concept store located in the buzzing arts district. Following that we are starting a collaboration with Tuck Hotel, also in the arts district, as well as Natalia Gaviria in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. One of the highlights was having rapper 2 Chainz styled in our light brown OH-12 in his latest video 2 Dollar Bill, shot in LA, which currently has 14.5 million views!

Even though they will always have their base in Stockholm, the focus will continue on the US market.

— Our coming releases will be highlighted more in August. We are constantly looking for new exciting collaborations and have a few in the pipeline, says Dagliden Hunt.