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Gerda is Skagerak’s second result of their 10-year partnership with design duo Included Middle

The collaboration results in one design a year where the main goal is not to produce commercial furniture but rather to invent experimental pieces. Ten years from now, it is envisioned to have resulted in a furniture collection which tells the story about an artistic, bold and fruitful collaboration.


Included Middle’s Chris L. Halstrøm and Margrethe Odgaard’s two different skill sets as furniture and textile designers gave rise to a third dimension. That is a new common playground where form, function, colour and pattern support each other and create a new language. The four elements now represent the dogmas that frame the design work of the duo — their latest result being Gerda.

Skagerak describes the new collection as bold and crisp in colour and expression, where the company has taken an enormous step out of their comfort zone (that usually has wood as its core). The Gerda collection takes its name after the historical pioneer in Danish weaving, Gerda Henning, who designed textiles for icons such as Kaare Klint and Børge Mogensen.

Included Middle was inspired by the iconic red-and-white chequered tablecloth. By transferring the pattern of the tablecloth to an aluminium construction with a perforated surface, the duo has found a way to transform a textile expression into a modern piece of furniture. The different colours represent the infinite depth of the Nordic summer sky that never darkens completely. The playful and edgy bench, stool and table in two sizes consists of two specially designed colour combinations — creme and olive, and burgundy and blue — with a versatile functionality.