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Paris Fashion Week

Furniture designer Ali Gallefoss’ sculpture representing the fashion industry’s obvious issue of the over production moves to Paris Fashion Week

His special art installation, ”The Elephant in the Room”, is a comment to the fashion industry.

Words: Johan Magnusson

End of August, during Oslo’s latest creative umbrella for art and fashion, Fushion, Holzweiler opened a three-day exhibition in Prinsensgate right next to their flagship store. Now this exhibition moves to Paris Fashion Week.

The exhibition is a collaboration with Norwegian spatial and furniture designer Ali Gallefoss, exhibiting the item that put them on the map of fashion seven years ago — scarves. The Holzweiler scarves were officially launched in 2012 and became an instant hit whilst showing unique variations of prints and colours. This later spiralled into a full ready to wear line for both men and women in July 2014.

Through Gallefoss’ artistic vision he is showing recycled scarves from the Holzweiler repertoire in a new light and in a new form, embracing the brand’s dedication to recycling and upcycling.

For example, when transforming their fashion show back drop to a tote bag.

— Furniture design is for me very static and controlled, I find myself being in this industry to challenge perfectionism and everything that's considered nice and comfortable, he says. The art installation, ”The Elephant in the Room”, is a comment to the fashion industry. The sculpture represents the obvious issue of the over production in the fashion industry that most people know about, but no one seriously address because it is too difficult or demands too much from us.

— Long have we wanted to do a collaboration to show our scarves in a different way. Ali has such a great aesthetic and when we met him the first time, we just had this great chemistry and shared view on inspiration, values and concerns about deadstock and leftovers. It felt so right to work with him, and we love what he did for this installation, says Co-founder Susanne Holzweiler.

The exhibition runs from today until next Tuesday, October 1,at 7 Rue Des Guillemites, 75004 Paris.