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Frank Dandy and Röshults founder about starting two new brands in just a few months

Entrepreneur and designer Tobias Lindberg has busy days.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Working in the fashion industry for about 20 years, Lindberg has pretty much seen it all. The 48-year-old has been in stores, as salesman, buyer assistant, and purchase area manager and started several fashion lifestyle brands.

— The most well-known ones are wallet concept Smartcaze, fashion brand Cojak and underwear label Frank Dandy. Since 2007, I have started and built up luxury lifestyle brand for indoor and outdoor living Röshults, now on an international market.

It's a challenge to start new brands these days, but you started two in only a few months. How?

— Yes, it’s difficult with so many brands out there. Starting two at the same time is not something I usually do. There’s both pros and cons, but in this case, I saw a lot of synergies. Being an entrepreneur, courage is not really an issue, and both me and the investors saw market opportunities for both product categories.

How would you describe your new watch brand Hauger?

— The watches are best described as timeless luxury styles with a huge focus on quality in all details. We are not for mass market, most of our models have a limited yearly production of only 100 watches. So you need to be quick to get one, otherwise you need to wait to next year, says Lindberg, continuing,

— When we looked into the market, we found that there is a lot of brands in the cheaper segment as well as the high exclusive, but not so many in between. So we decided to make similar quality as the premium brands but in a much more attractive, €1800-3000 price level. The materials include crystal-glass in domed Sapphire Crystal, Marine Stainless Steel 316L, Italian calf leather and only Swiss and Japan movements from the best suppliers. All watches are 100m water resistant. When it comes to design, the inspiration is classic luxury retro style that never goes out of style and the key styles include the most popular ones; Grand Courage Automatic 40mm and Golden Valor Chronograph 42mm.

And most recently, Lindberg launched sunglasses brand Saint Rochés.

— Even though we just launched, we’re overwhelmed by the interest and positive feedback. Our retailers include an amazing sunglasses store located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Our 43-styles range could best be described as ”classic elegance and luxury”. It’s not about targeting a specific age group, it’s made for the open-minded, fashion-conscious person to be able to match all different occasions and styles. With the €200-300 price level, we’re between where Ray-Ban ends and Gucci, Tom Ford, and other global fashion brands starts.

After launching, what’s next?

— We have so many plans! Exciting co-operations, new selected retailers and a super cool feature on Saint Rochés website that will be launched next year.