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Fashion designer Peter Jensen goes back to the roots in new photo exhibition

Jensen brought photographer Annie Collinge on a summer road trip from Copenhagen to Logstor, right outside the Danish city of Aalborg. The outcome of their adventure is an intriguing collaborative project starring local Logstor characters, photographed in their everyday settings, wearing a variety of wigs and accessorized with props and clothing of the sort rarely seen in gloss fashion magazines.

Edited by: Johan Magnusson

Although Jensen has spent over half of his life living and working in London, he grew up in Logstor and his mother still lives there to this day. His initial idea for this project, funded by the Danish Arts Council, was to style and photograph family and familiar residents of Logstor, themed around the local gossip associated with them. Collinge originally hails from the UK and has not only brought a her English perspective to this project, but also an array of carefully selected props and a familiarity with casting which enabled her to subtly direct these real-life ”models” in front of the camera.

Upon arrival at Logstor, Jensen and Collinge focused on exploring and accentuating the personalities, pastimes and aspirations of the former’s immediate family and those known to them in situations which felt ”real” and yet somewhat heightened. These include Jensen’s mother – an avid knitter – who was photographed with a knitted doll, wearing a purple tracksuit. His sister, meanwhile, who has long-held an unrealised ambition to be a florist, was captured in front of a mournful cascade of fallen roses. Johan, the great nephew of Jensen, symbolises the designer himself as a child, dressing up and looking somewhat melancholy.

An impromptu exhibition of these poignant-yet humorous small-scale images was then staged and documented at a local petrol station, in which Jensen arranged the works alongside a pile of Danish newspapers, in the toilet and upon the ground. This purposefully-humdrum location was chosen due to Jensen’s ongoing fascination with petrol stations – usually frequented for the purpose of purchasing petrol, sweets or, indeed, using the toilet.

The works will next be shown within an exhibition at gallery and bookshop 11o.cph in Copenhagen. Annie & Peter - A Roadtrip, is commencing on Thursday, August 29, with the possibility of a book being published thereafter.