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Expanding "fashion and life" store to the world, Champion by Wood Wood, and finally time for contemporary oral care

Five top stories from last week of Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle.


Expanding "fashion and life" store to the world

Shutting down a flagship is the beginning of something new

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Swedish fashion and lifestyle store Grandpa's expanded into five locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, and changed a lot over the years. However, the main focus still remains, Co-founder Jonas Pelz explains:

– The founders' background is in the service business, as we worked as tour guides, bartenders, and waiters before opening Grandpa. We came in with a different perspective than most of our competitors and colleagues in the business, so putting service, inspiration, and atmosphere first is still our main priority.

For those who don't know, how would you describe Grandpa as a concept?

– First of all, I don't see Grandpa as a "concept". We're just Grandpa, Jonas Pelz states. But people tend to put the label "lifestyle store" on us and I don't like that either but I guess that's what we are. A lifestyle store. We sell women's and men's fashion and accessories, and interior and lifestyle products in a category we named "life". We like to call ourselves a Scandinavian Life Store.

Which are your most important brands?

– Hope, Patagonia, Sandqvist, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Sarva, Our Legacy, and Bellerose.

And after 15 years you're now developing your business?

– Yes, we now try to take Grandpa to the next level. Renovating our flagship store at Södermalm in Stockholm is just one step, doing a big and very much needed makeover, including an entirely new interior with welding and woodwork made by hand by me and Co-founder Anders. There's gonna be a big change but you'll definitely recognize the Grandpa look.

You're also growing internationally?

–  I guess it's just a logic development. We aim to create our own "universe" online being very secure in our concept, where we offer a wide, however carefully curated, mix of fashion and life products. We've always believed that the product is more important than the brand, and what makes Grandpa unique is the mix and the non-anxious approach to everything. Our biggest challenge is to reach new markets. We're slowly doing it – continent by continent...

The company also runs interior brand Low Key, after realizing the difficulty to find well-produced goods for a reasonable price not to be found everywhere. The range concludes of long lasting products with a distinct character, taking a lot of the inspiration from the 60s and the 70s as well as their Scandinavian roots.

– The development pace for Low Key has been rather slow, but now we've decided to gear up, since we're doing really good with it, both at Grandpa and via all our retailers, expanding into several new Europan markets.

Speaking of expanding, what are your coming plans for Grandpa?

– We'll definitely try to continue to grow outside of Sweden and Scandinavia and I hope you'll see a Grandpa store opening somewhere in Europe soon. We're closing down one of our stores, at Kungsholmen in Stockholm, to be able to focus more online and abroad.

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Champion by Wood Wood

Yesterday, Danish contemporary streetwear brand Wood Wood released a new Spring/Summer capsule drop in collaboration with iconic Champion. With the collection being a mix of clean basics in a monochrome colour schedule and prints with expressions related to the world of sports, the two brands describe the collaboration as a renewal of classic sportswear.

Pre-launched yesterday at Wood Wood's stores, including, and Champion's London flagship, as well as Available at selected retailers worldwide February 24

Time for contemporary oral care

When founder Kristoffer Vural opened his bathroom cabinet, he saw a wide range of products full made by creativity and passion. However, the toothpaste had barely changed during the last 100 years. Stockholm-based label Selahatin now presents a range of oral care with fluorine and high-quality ingredients, including antiinflammatory Edelweiss extract and antioxidants, flavoured with carefully selected aromas from the Nordics as well as around the world. It is dermatologically tested and reviewed by The Swedish Dental Association (SDA), and available now at €15 at highly acclaimed retailers such as Harrods, Excelsior, and Le Bon Marché.

Read more and buy online at

In the very brewery top

Scandinavian beer breweries experience growing attention all over the world. When released their annual list of the top 100 in the world the other week, Swedish Karl Grandin and Henok Fentie's brand Omnipollo (6) and Danish Mikkeller (9) both made it into top 10, with the former placed as the second best outside of the U.S. A special recommendation, Ratebeer reports, is to try the Barrel Aged Extra Maple by Omnipollo/Siren/Dave Strachan Lorelei.

The full list here, with American Hill Farmstead Brewery chosen best beer brewery in the world

ARKET open at Copenhagen Airport

The fashion and lifestyle concept will open its second store and café in Scandinavia at Copenhagen Airport in August 2018, with an assortment specifically curated for the travelling customer. A good example of that is that the store’s foundation will be the complete ARKET Travel series – a packing system designed to optimise the standard carry-on dimensions on international flights, including nylon luggage, ultralight packable bags and a set of minimal travel accessories. It will also carry a selection of signature garments and homeware items, as well as a permanent assortment of swimwear and underwear.

The store will be located in the new food and shopping area in Copenhagen Airport’s Terminal 2