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Doubled prices, closed webshops, Glacier Friday and more when brands protest against today’s shopping hysteria

Buy less, buy better!

Words: Johan Magnusson

66north-black-friday-glacier-friday-matthew-woolsey-ragnar-axelsson Glacier Friday

Iceland’s leading outerwear brand boycott Black Friday and asks customers to think about their consumption in today’s Glacier Friday initiative. They’re avoiding discounts and marketing activities, and will instead use its platform to call attention to how the climate emergency, driven by unsustainable mass consumerism, is irrevocably damaging the glaciers of Iceland. 66˚North will donate 25% of all online sales during Black Friday to Landvernd, a leading conservation and environmental NGO in Iceland. — Glaciers are both formidable and fragile: powerful enough to shape mountains and valleys, yet their future is now fully dependent on whether humankind can adjust its consumption habits, says Matthew Woolsey, global president of 66˚North, adding,

— Landvernd’s conservation work is important and inspirational. Even if our customers opt to buy nothing on Friday and instead choose to donate directly to Landvernd, this will be a success.

Picture: Detail shot of an Icelandic glacier. See 66˚North’s Instagram for more shots by Ragnar Axelsson

haglöfs-green-friday-black-fridayDouble up!

Think twice before buying new products, says Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs, shutting down their e-com today. They’re also doubling the prices in their own retail stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Åre, Helsinki, and Oslo. The sale proceeds will be donated to Sweden’s leading non-profit environmental organisation Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).

asket-black-friday-garment-care-portal Sticking to principles

For the third year running, ASKET will be closing their online store on Black Friday. Instead, they’re redirecting customers to their Garment Care Portal, encouraging them to take care of what they already have, rather than buying something new.

— We’re firm in the belief that every garment has an inherent value and should be considered an investment, says Co-founder August Bard-Bringéus.