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There are only three craftsmen that can do the handcraft woodwork that are required for Hästens’ new bedroom furniture line by Bernadotte & Kylberg.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The iconic bed company’s first furniture line was brought to life after putting themselves in the shoes and the minds of the consumer, to create what they see is missing, tells Sanja Tegeltija, Head of Public Relations.

— We saw an opportunity to fill a gap with bedside tables and benches that are beyond everything else. It’s a Swedish design, it is master craftsmanship. The high design caliber means that this is pieces that will have a value that lasts forever. It will have a greater worth since they have a value of function, they are beautiful, and they have a design that will only increase in value. This is more than bedside tables, they are collector’s items, she states.

Why was Bernadotte & Kylberg the ultimate partner?

— They’ve already created Appaloosa and Marwari for us which are true master design and they’re best of the best of what we have in Swedish design. We’re always looking for ultimate function, because this is not a fast trend. It has to be iconic so when someone buys these pieces, as well as for the beds that will last for a lifetime, it has to be design and keep the bedside furniture lasting in value.

Bernadotte & Kylberg are a design duo with an unbeatable track record among Swedish design. They are masters and also very easy to work with since they really listen in and understand our vision, philosophy and values. And, we have been around since 1852 so it’s lasting values, built on serving consumers.

The line itself is about the abstraction between close and far away, tells Oscar Kylberg.

— It’s about small and large, space and volume. Hästens beds are iconic and fulfilled, so it felt like a natural extension to design bedside furniture. We have a great collaboration based on mutual respect and acceptance for each other’s ideas. Creating this furniture collection gave us the possibility to extend and build further on our pattern in a new way and with new materials. It is launched in both a lighter and a darker edition, and they adopted the names from the previous beds we have designed for Hästens.

What’s your favourite piece in it?

— The pattern itself. It is a cubistic and graphic interpretation of Hästens iconic trademark, the blue check. It gives all the furniture an almost three-dimensional feeling.

Sanja, will we see even more furniture onwards?

— We never know, and what we can assure the consumer is that when you buy something from us you have pieces that will deliver and serve the consumer for a lifetime. We never reveal what we are going to do in the future, the only thing we can say is when you buy into something from Hästens — bed linen, bedside tables, or whatever it is — it will work together with everything in the collection. The new products that will be launched in the future will work together with all these designs.

__The collection will be showcased at Centralposthuset, Vasagatan 28–31. __