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Danish top chef brings a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience to the archipelago

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Danish top chef brings a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience to the archipelago This summer, as part of Scandinavian Detours, Danish chef Mikkel Karstad will launch a glamping and hiking experience by the sea at Fejan Outdoor in Stockholm’s northern archipelago. Scandinavian Detours is an adventure guide that the whiskey brand Talisker has developed alongside some of Scandinavia’s adventurers as they want more people to discover the region’s amazing and largely unexplored nature. This year over two weekends in June and August, Scandinavian Detours will offer a one of a kind glamping experience at Fejan Outdoor.

– I was close to dying 2015 on an island nearby, where I’ve spent all my summers since I was born, and that made me decide that I needed to spend more time in the archipelago and to invite and share the beauty of this area with others, says Fejan Outdoor founder David Kvart. Our outdoor center is furthest one out in the archipelago, and we want people to feel at home, which also is important since there is nothing else open on the island at the moment. Fejan Outdoor is Fejan Canvas Hotel, our waffle café and kayak barn which you can rent. New for this season is our family tent which sleeps four people, and our rib boat that is registered for charter trips, so we can take people that don’t want to kayak out for sightseeing.

The Scandinavian Detours experience is unique because it’s a combination of many things, says Maria Vegeberg Gram, Senior Luxury & Scotch’s C & E Manager at Diageo Reserve.

– We are getting the consumer out in nature, but at the same time introducing them to an amazing gastronomic experience spiced up with top class cocktails and unique nature. When you leave the mainland and head off to your luxury tent amongst the cliffs, right by the sea, almost instantly you feel relaxed and it’s like you left your to-do list behind you. I could honestly just sit there and look at the life passing me by for days. It is beyond beautiful! But you will have to get up – because of the fantastic smell of Mikkel’s cooking in the outdoor kitchen. You are invited in for a family sharing-style wilderness dinner accompanied by Talisker cocktails, which the world’s second-best World Class bartender composed for the occasion. I promise you a memorable journey of flavours right there at the edge of the water whilst the sun sets, Vegeberg Gram says, continuing:

– After spending a night in the tent a little picnic basket with locally sourced breakfast will await you on the veranda. It will be more than enough to ensure you are fit for fight to go on what I will call one of the most beautiful hikes I ever did led by David, the owner of Fejan Outdoor. He planned the trip especially for the Talisker Scandinavian Detours and will arrange a special lunch in the midst of the hike. It’ll be a journey beyond destination.

The chef, Mikkel Karstad, has been the head chef at Christianborg, the Danish parliament, worked at a few Michelin starred restaurants, and been the gastronomic advisor for Claus Meyer. He’s also a co-founder of the gourmet restaurant Noma in Copenhagen and have published several cookbooks.

What will you cook for the Detours guests this summer?

– My grandparents have always inspired me; they always used homegrown vegetables, fruit, fish, and game. I have never seen cooking as gastronomy, just lovely homemade food with great seasonal ingredients. This with a mix of the aesthetic side has always been very important to me. This because our eyes play an important role in eating and you almost get the urge to taste something that looks beautifully composed. So, these two parts will be the basis of what I will be serving this summer for the Scandinavian Detours glamping-experience at Fejan Outdoor. The menu will consist of ingredients such as broccoli, yellow peas, celery, seaweed, cod, clams, and rhubarb.

Lastly, David Kvart, what is so unique about the Stockholm archipelago and what other Scandinavian adventures and nature experiences do you recommend?

– It’s desolate the further out you go, and untouched. It should count as a world heritage site really, we have about 13 000 islands in this area alone, and you can camp and visit every island. Infrastructure is poor, so it’s either kayaking or taking your own boat to get out here, so the numbers of visitors are quite low. Of course, the archipelago’s busier outside Stockholm, but up here there’s lots of room to roam and to experience the wilderness of the northern archipelago. I definitely would recommend taking the night train up north and to visit the small village of Abisko or Vassijaure (the later is basically just an old station-building), and go hiking into the mountains. One place in particular that I’d like to recommend is to walk from Vassijaure to lake Trollsjön – one of the clearest lakes in Europe. and

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