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”Copenhagen Fashion Week has grown remarkably since last season”

The CEO of Copenhagen’s biggest fashion event Cecilie Thorsmark gives us her thoughts on the future of Scandinavian Fashion.

Words: Stefanie Ravelli

How has Copenhagen Fashion Week changed since last season? And what are you looking forward to this season?

— Copenhagen Fashion Week has grown remarkably since last season. With a record high number of applications, we were in a challenging yet fortunate position to reassess our format to accommodate the growing interest. Inspired by some of the leading international fashion weeks, we decided to introduce overlapping shows and presentations, thereby making room for a total of 40 shows. I’m very impressed by the quality of this season’s lineup and I look forward to watching it all unfold over the course of the week. To me, it constitutes the perfect blend of some of Scandinavia’s most established and esteemed brands, as well as some very popular newcomers.

— Since AW19, we have also worked on ways to accelerate the sustainable development of our fashion week. Alongside our ongoing strategy process, we’ve introduced some new concrete initiatives. One of them is a Guide to a More Responsible Show, which includes 15 easy steps to reducing the impact of a brand’s show production.

What are you most proud of achieving with Copenhagen Fashion Week?

— Copenhagen Fashion Week is currently on a path to become more – both as an event and as a platform – and one of the things I’m most proud of is actually how the Scandinavian fashion industry has received our efforts to make this happen. We’ve only experienced support and commitment, and that has been super motivating.

We recently got the news that there won’t be a Fashion Week in Stockholm SS20. What are your thoughts on that?

— The Scandinavian fashion weeks are a vital way for most Scandinavian designers to gain international recognition and seeing the discontinuation of both Oslo Runway and Fashion Week in Stockholm is of course something that concerns me. That said, I’ve always been a strong advocate for one united Scandinavian fashion week, which I believe will benefit anyone involved, and I’m curious to looking into how this whole new situation could transform positively into a consolidated storytelling about Scandinavian fashion.

What’s the future for Copenhagen Fashion Week?

— To continue working hard to secure our current, successful trajectory and to become an even more fixed part in the international fashion calendar.