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”By only using either organic, reused or innovative fabrics, we guarantee a more sustainable outcome”

We speak to fast-growing Danish contemporary Men’s brand Woodbird about Ourganic, their new sustainable initiative aiming to give the customers a more transparent way of buying green goods.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Chung W. Cheung joined Woodbird as creative director in 2013 and describes how the brand’s been on a fast-going journey ever since.

— The last year, especially, has been a crazy one for us, in a positive sense, and we hope this is only the beginning. This fast-track is sometimes a bit overwhelming. We compete with some very strong brands these days, and each one of them are constantly aiming higher and making inspirational collections. And we acknowledge the competition, but we try to keep focus on our main goals. We always try to tell our story in a different way. I always say: ”Giving is the new selling”. 70% of the brand is everything around the brand – the rest is the actual product. Therefore, that (the product) in itself is not enough, he says, continuing,

— It’s a simple give-and-take setup with our customers (the retailers, Ed’s note) – we listen to them, because they know first-hand what the end-users wants. They are our mouthpiece towards the end-users and therefore their opinion is always valued, when we design a new collection. The more we give of ourselves and invite our customers on our journey – the more they ”invest” and get involved in us and our development. If you ask me – that’s pretty unique.

What’s the secret behind growing so fast?

— We’ve worked hard for the last 3 years to prepare our company for export. Our supply chain, administration, logistics, work tools and more. I believe this has made it easier for our new customers and partners so they could start up with no questions. Them, the partners, are one of two main reasons why we have grown. The other one is, obviously, the team.

Woodbird’s SS20 is a tribute to Cheung’s Chinese legacy.

— I have family in both Denmark and China. I’m in China and Hong Kong a couple of times a year, and there is always something inspiring to find, when going on these trips.


And this season also sees the launch of their new Ourganic initiative.

— It’s basically a trademark we have made to label our more environmental friendly goods, says Cheung. Also for our customers, to give them a more transparent way of buying green goods. Ourganic is our first green footstep towards a greener and more sustainable future. By only using either organic, reused or innovative fabrics, we guarantee a more sustainable outcome.