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Black Collection: Adnym Atelier

Founded by individuals of different personalities and nationalities who focuses on teamwork and emphasizes their integrity through anonymity, the only thing this Swedish label wants is to push the product forward. They’re produced in quality materials and modern shapes that generate attention, stimulate curiosity, reward intelligence, and leads to an emotional connection between consumer and brand.


What’s your brand DNA?

– The products are inspired and drawn between the sophisticated simplicity from Stockholm and the raw contrasting energy from Beirut, giving you unique wearable silhouettes for the progressive and intellectual mind, says Co-founder and Creative Director Johni Tadi.

Tell us about your Asi Hood included in Black Collection.

– It’s an oversized boxy fitted hoodie in high-quality cotton with slanted shoulders.

What else would you like to highlight from this SS18 menswear collection?

– For this season we are introducing a new premium soft-touch crinkle fabric from Japan in trousers, jacket and outerwear, which we believe is a future staple fabric.

And what else do you have coming for the rest of 2018?

– We have just recently dropped our latest jersey program, in high-quality cotton fabrics in slightly oversized, boxy silhouettes. We recommend you touch the fabric and try them on.