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"Black can be so colorful, even though it’s just one single color"

At Pitti Uomo, we sat down with Tiger of Sweden's new creative director Christoffer Lundman to hear more about what he's added to the brand for his first collection, their brand new graphic profile and what's up next

Text Konrad Olsson

Christoffer, when you're appointed as creative director of Tiger of Sweden, what was the most important things to implement?

– Paying respect to our heritage and where we come from, that is tailoring, and bring back our focus on it.

There are not so many colors in your first collection for Autumn/Winter 2018, what was the most crucial thing for you creating it?

– To work furthermore with the fabrics. When it comes to black, it is so different depending on the material you use. It can be so colorful, even though it’s just one single color.

Tell us more about all the different fabrics.

– We see knitwear in carded mohair wool, a coat in a washed moleskin fabric with a flannel-like feel, mercerized jersey, nylon with a beautiful texture and luster, silk shirts, and cashmere. All in all, the fabrics are contrasting very much to each other.

You mentioned that you’ve worked a lot with humor in the collection. In what way?

– With unexpected products, like a miniature briefcase, almost like a ladies’ handbag, and maybe not the ultimate choice for a businessman, as well as playful details, such as blue and yellow stripes straps on the shoulder bags, as a homage to our home country.

You’ve also reworked the logotype, looking back through your history?

– Yes, it’ll be introduced for this Fall, with a new font based on our old 60s logo, while our tiger will also change into one inspired by an original from the 20s.

With this reset, what do you look forward to the most to develop for these coming seasons?

– The major changes ahead will be to rebuild our own stores, include our denim line more into the main line and introduce a wide range of new accessories.