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”Big industry players already follow what we do, so it feels great to partner up with the most interesting actor”

Danish Kvadrat acquires a 50% share of the Swedish bedlinen company Magniberg. We speak to co-founder Bengt Thornefors about how this is a perfect match in order to create even better products.

Interview: Johan Magnusson

Established in Denmark in 1968, Kvadrat holds the leading position in Europe’s high-quality contemporary textiles market. Consistently pushing the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of textiles, they collaborate with leading designers, architects and artists; among others Miriam Bäckström, Raf Simons, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Thomas Demand, Olafur Eliasson, Alfredo Häberli, Akira Minagawa, Peter Saville, Roman Signer, as well as Doshi Levien and Patricia Urquiola.

Magniberg was founded in 2016 by former florist and graphic designer Nina Norgren and Bengt Thornefors, with a background working as design consultant for brands such as Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen, Hope, Acne Studios, Sunflower and Saint Laurent.

— When we launched, we put a great focus on how we worked with colours, he says. In that sense, I’m proud to say that I know that we’ve influenced the bedlinen industry. Back then, all brands showed dusty pink, while we introduced bubblegum pink and army green. Today, you see bubblegum pink and army green everywhere.

About a year ago, Kvadrat’s CEO Anders Byriel e-mailed Magniberg, inviting them to their office.

— When I saw that they had art even in the wear house department, I felt that we’re on the same level and spoke the same language; to do stuff with a certain agenda.

How come that you partner up with Kvadrat?

— Big industry players already follow what we do, so it feels great to partner up with the most interesting actor. For us, this is about teaming up with, in our opinion, the world’s leading textile brand, considering not only their products but their entire culture. It is a company which shows great respect for creativity and craftsmanship and we’re two brands both associated with — and sharing the same values within — arts, fashion, culture, and interior. Our customers need to feel an emotional value to what they consume and pay even more respect to it. When we launched, we brought a fashion approach to the interior world. But we don’t wish to exclude anyone, but to include and inspire. Working together will make it easier to reach out to even more people about what we wish to say, says Thornefors.

How will you work together?

— Kvadrat’s creative network is amazing and their history is full of knowledge, skills, and insights, which we want to take part of. Combined with our creative ambition in the same genre, we feel that we have much left to explore together. We don’t join forces for what we will show tomorrow, but for the ten years to come.

And what else do you have coming?

— Our new showroom at Grev Magnigatan in Stockholm will open very soon, It feels great to be able to invite people to take part of our universe at a physical space. Further, we do continue our collaboration with Our Legacy and their Workshop concept. Using left over shirting fabrics to create exclusive bedlinen.

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