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Audio market challenger reaches record growth with its design for a life in motion

Collaborations with DJs, artists and sports personalities, as well as the right amount of ”Swedishness” and a spirit to never give up, have helped Urbanista to become a global hit.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The energetic, hard-working entrepreneur Anders Andreen has a passion for building businesses. After joining Urbanista when it was still in a chaotic start-up, he was definitely in for a bumpy ride.

— We were close to bankruptcy several times and we thought we had lost our investments and hard work, he says. But we were a small team who refused to give up.

The current situation, he describes, is quite the opposite. This year, they’ll most likely double the revenue, reaching a €30 million turnover. Music, sports and wellness are vital parts of their DNA.

— Urbanistas are young, modern and active people with a curious and open mind-set. In all our products and communication, we want to make things that look good and are easy to use. Our brand stands for good design and functional products at available prices. We want to let design and fashion stream through the brand and come across as inclusive and mindful. We design for a life in motion, says Andreen. He adds:

— The competition is indeed fierce and that’s simply a motivational element. We need to always stay on our toes. We’ve been able to launch some really attractive wireless products lately and have more coming this autumn. We sell and grow in almost every country in the world. In Scandinavia we’re one of the largest brands. Especially within true wireless earphones, where our market share is 20%.

Tell us about your products.

— Last spring, we launched a True Wireless earphone called Stockholm. It’s a well-designed earbud for the everyday music and communication needs, to a very competitive price. The nice colours and form factors have made it sell far more than we could ever imagine. We also made a valuable collaboration together with Non Violence Project, with a knotted gun on the side of the Detroit headphones. They are doing wonders for kids across the world, educating them on how to solve conflicts without violence.

On a global market, is it important to point out your Swedish heritage?

— Stockholm has been a very good place to build that culture. We are proud of our Swedish heritage. Sweden is famous for excellent design as well as music. These two artforms obviously link tightly to us. At the same time, it’s important to take the right amount of ”Swedishness” and mix it up to a global brand that feels relevant for people across the world.