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The key piece

APPLETREES brings the finest Egyptian cotton to northern Italy to spin their luxurious premium yarn for the All Over The World shirt

Never compromising with quality, the Swedish brand focuses on creating best timeless fit in the best and most comfortable fabric on the market.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Tell us about this season’s key piece.

— Even though we don't work in seasons, as always one of our key peaces is AOTW (All Over The World). It's timeless, comfortable and unique, says founder Charles Murray.

Tell us about the fabrics.

— We bring our Egyptian cotton to northern Italy where we spin our yarn, and weave and dye our luxurious premium fabrics. We develop, cut, sew and finish all our shirts in northern Italy, at the best shirt factory in the region.

How sustainable is it?

— We care for our workers and the impact we have on mother Earth. Therefore, we use natural raw materials such as cotton, pearl, silk and leather, and avoid heavy chemicals in our dyes and finishing process. We make clothes that are timeless and have a long lifetime. We need to consume less and make better choices, says Murray, continuing,

— Also, we created a recycle program that engages us and our customers to make sure that minimal amount of clothes are being thrown out in the landfill. If and when a customer feel a need for change or upgrade to a new APPLETREES garment, customers are encouraged to return their worn out products and receive a 30% discount on a new garment. Then we re-stock the worn out garment in the recycle section in the store at a 50% discount. Giving the product an extra life for a second generation. It’s hard to find a shirt with better durability on the market. But you can’t be 100% sustainable if you produce clothes. The fashion industry is not good for the environment. But we try to do it in the best way possible.

How would you wear it?

— As you want, whenever you want.


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