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An exquisite line of overcoats made in Naples and celebrating 25 years relaunching iconic 90s denim

+ more on the Danish poster shop’s Norm Architects collab for all architecture lovers and a new approach to laundry with a new and unique concept that builds up around functional freshener sprays.


An exquisite line of overcoats made in Naples Tailoring brand Atelier Saman Amel started its operations in Stockholm in 2014, working on a custom made basis. They now have showrooms in Stockholm, London, and Seoul, where the brand frequently conducts trunk shows and meeting clients from all over the world for private appointments. And now also introducing a new line of Split Raglan coats, developed in close collaboration with their partnering tailoring house in Naples.

– Starting this season, we have introduced a single model which we would argue summarises our design ethos in the sense that it balances the line between a formal and a casual way of dress, says co-founder Dag Granath. The “split raglan” overcoat is essentially a classic overcoat style, however, a style that can be worn in many different ways. As with most items of tailoring, the identity of the split raglan overcoat is derived from its shoulder construction. A “split raglan” construction means that the back of the shoulder and upper back is cut like a raglan while the front is cut with a vertical shoulder line. In our opinion, this construction generates a high level of flexibility and comfort while remaining a tailored look.

What else is coming for you this fall and winter?

– This entire year has been very intense for us and we are very happy about that, Granath says. This fall, we are expanding our presence in South Korea – more specifically to Busan and Seoul.

Celebrating 25 years relaunching iconic 90s denim Filippa K debuted their first collection in Autumn/Winter 1993, featuring the stretch jean that became an instant hit in Sweden. 25 years later, the brand has built upon its core values of style, simplicity, and quality to develop a range of timeless classics for the modern woman and man. To celebrate this milestone, they’re introducing FK JEANS: a denim collection inspired by the brand’s 90s roots and Swedish heritage. The relaunch focuses on classic details and comfortable pieces for the modern wardrobe.

The men’s line references traditional trucker details with a contemporary twist, eliminating unnecessary embellishments. The range comes in two colour options – dark blue raw and mid-blue wash – and using the experience of developing comfortable denim for a quarter of a century, it focuses on ease of movement and classic design.

– What I can add to the world of jeans is a feminine perspective; the denim industry is driven mainly by men. The collection is a representation of why we started Filippa K in the beginning: the philosophy of simplifying people’s everyday lives by making the choice of ‘how to dress’ or ‘what to wear’ less complicated, says founder and creative director Filippa Knutsson.

Paper Collective x Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen: The Architecture Collection Curated by Norm Architects’ Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Danish poster shop Paper Collective introduce their new Architecture Collection. The series of photos consists of fourteen motifs, all demonstrating the scope of architectural photography today. It is captured by five photographers from around the world, including the creative director at CEREAL Magazine, Rich Stapleton and 28-year-old Norwegian photographer and self-taught illustrator Joakim Heltne, currently living in Copenhagen. He studied Fashion Photography at the University of the Arts in London and studied Art Photography at Oslo Photographic Arts School (Oslo Fotokunstskole) before that. Documenting his curiosity through captures of his perceived surroundings, Joakim’s contribution to the series consists of minimal shots of architecture and people interacting with it. Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen’s contribution to the photo series is based on a long-time fascination of concrete.

– From the time of the Roman empire to present day, concrete has been one of the key materials of manmade constructions. It can take many forms, shapes and shades – and whether experienced in the dome of the Patheon in Rome, in Brutalist architecture of the mid-century modernist buildings or in contemporary polished concrete buildings, it is always a fascinating sight to see what architects can create out of concrete, he explains.

A new approach to laundry New and unique concept Laundry Society builds up around functional freshener sprays. It makes it possible to skip machine washes and use the freshen up mist on garments for a new washed feeling in a few minutes.

– Functions like getting rid of bacteria and bad smell places the fresheners closer to detergents. Another uniqueness is that we have the competence of developing all products in-house. Most brands don’t have that luxury. Future, knowledge, and curiosity are the lead words in our philosophy – we care for our clothes and for the planet while smelling great, says founder Kaisa Avehall, continuing,

– We are complete in our laundry care program and the range is divided into three areas:

Functional fresheners: unique and quick laundry mists Detergents: smart customized detergents for different uses and fabrics Savers/special care: stain solutions and clean machine – Functional fresheners really set us apart from the rest of our competitors. In only a few seconds you can deodorize already worn clothes and wear them again. You kill off bacteria and refreshes your garment with a couple of splashes. Think of what this can do for all people who don’t have the time. It is perfect instead of dry cleaning – just spray away any bad smell and wear again in seconds.

And you call your functional freshener Antiseptic No 501 ”a revolution for denim care”.

– Yes, it is inspired by the raw denim culture and the knowledge of proper care for the fabric. Avoid machine wash and give the denim a longer life. A pair of jeans worn every day is possible to freshen up by using it, as it ”de-smellifies” and kills bacteria – ready to use for another couple of days.