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”All 12 objects are inspired by different art forms”

This weekend sees the last chance to experience designer Alexander Lervik’s exhibition Imaginations x 12.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Art has been a constant influence since Lervik’s childhood, since both his mother and stepfather are successful sculptors with oeuvres that include many public commissions.

— Many might have seen Bright Handle, a door handle with LED light inside that could turn green or red, he says. For the last couple of years, I’ve explored the power of photography. Musician Eva Dahlgren interpreted my glass sculptures in sound and melody and I’ve collaborated with fashion brand V Ave Shoe Repair to create the first ever European 3D printed jewelry collection.

His breakthrough came with a widely praised graduation show at Beckmans in 1998, where he chose to interpret the design history of the 20th century by making one object representing each decade. The show was so popular that it toured the world for six years. The ten objects were all creative interpretations of furniture classics and design idioms, tracing the way design history is interwoven through the materials, architecture, and artworks of the respective periods. The art world has continued to inspire Lervik’s thinking and influence his career.

In his latest exhibition, Imaginations x 12, art takes the center stage as Lervik confronts it with its own design.

— I have explored the boundary between art and design. What happens when I cross the border and do art and what happens when I stay on my side? All 12 objects are inspired by different art forms, he tells.

2020 also sees Lervik launching several new products for Design House Stockholm.

— First of all, it is the Terra chair that we produce locally throughout the world. Then there are new lamps and clothes hangers, a new elevator for Aritco and a new range of outdoor furniture for Skaargarden.