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After workshops in Copenhagen and New York, LARSEN & ERIKSEN presents 123 watches with Poulsen Projects

3 models and 3 representations of time in new collab project.


Numbers is a limited edition collection of wristwatches — exploring new ways to visually represent the concept of time — designed in a year-long cross-Atlantic collaboration between LARSEN & ERIKSEN and Poulsen Projects.

LARSEN & ERIKSEN is an independent Copenhagen-based design studio focusing mainly on minimalist watches. Their initial collection is sold in top-tier design stores and museum shops all over the world, and they have previously collaborated with Louisiana MoMA.

Poulsen Projects is a New York-based design studio founded by the award-winning Danish graphic artist Mads Jakob Poulsen who is best known for creating identities for clients such as USA Today, Al Gore and Copenhagen Pride. He has even had a logo in space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spacecraft.

On the collaboration, which had workshops in both Copenhagen and New York, Jeppe Larsen of LARSEN & ERIKSEN states:

— We wanted to break free from the rules of conventional watch design, so we teamed up with Mads who we believe is one of the best graphic artists out there. He shares our Danish design heritage but aces the distinct visual language of typography, says Jeppe Larsen.

His business partner Magnus Eriksen continues:

— We work with a diverse group of very talented people in our design studio every day, but felt we needed to have our own ideas and aesthetics challenged. By doing these types of collaborations we are pushed out of our comfort zone and into a twilight zone where new magic happens.

The capsule collection consists of 3 designs, each observing and then bridging the juncture between time and written language: Number 1 plays with perspective and distance, Number 2 emphasizes the numbers that are normally left out and Number 3 provides both textual coherence and breathing space.

— I wanted to create a playful yet iconic watch that looks familiar and new at the same time, making you take an extra glance at this everyday object. By not only adding, but also subtracting, elements from the classic watch face, we end up with three super minimal watches exuding personality and distinctiveness inspired by subtle metaphors from real life, says Mads Jakob Poulsen.