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After almost three years of developing, David Andersson Sahlin believes he’s created the perfect T-shirt

”I talked to the buyer at Lane Crawford earlier this week, who told me that the quality is one of the very best in the market,” says the founder and Creative Director of Rue De Tokyo.


The idea of creating this perfect T-shirt came up long before Andersson Sahlin founded Rue de Tokyo.

— I lived in Paris and became good friend with a Japanese supplier who provided brands like Chanel, Prada, and Gucci with their T-shirt fabrics. We started to talk about the idea of one day making a brand together and decided to keep in close contact. When I later was working as production manager at Tiger of Sweden I started to realize how many people actually worn a T-shirt instead of a shirt right under their blazer. This made me think more about the idea of making a very delicate, exclusive and unique T-shirt which became the starting point of the development of our signature T-shirt Treves and the entire brand, he says.

How was the process developing it?

— It took way longer than I expected. I already had the perfect fabric, a unique Japanese interlock jersey made from the very finest cotton yarns. But to develop the correct fit and details was harder than I thought. The length should be the right for all markets, everyone have different ideas of a sleeve length and some wants the t-shirt more oversized, tighter and so on. I decided to stay with my first idea to make it the perfect one to carry under the blazer or your knitwear or as your everyday favourite. The first season we had our issues with shrinkage and the second season with the labelling. Now, after almost three years I believe that we found all the right elements. We have the perfect manufacturer in Portugal, the most beautiful mother of pearl labelling and the world’s finest fabric.

What makes it so special and luxurious?

— The key attributes definitely are the material, the quality of the manufacturing and the detailing. The organic cotton with GOTS certification is knitted, dyed and finished in Japan to give a unique silky soft feeling. Many of our customers cannot believe it really is a pure cotton, but it is knitted in a special and unique way which gives a natural stretch. This can only be made with the very finest and longest fibers. We have also decided to add a mother of pearl bar in the neck which provides an extra element of luxury to an otherwise quite simple looking product.

Where can we found it?

— In stores like Lane Crawford, Isetan, and Illum but also online where we offer it both with or without our signature logo print. I talked to the buyer at Lane Crawford earlier this week who told me that the quality of our essential program, which includes the T-shirt, is one of the very best in the market.

What else do you have coming?

— We’re now preparing the collection for Pitti Uomo in Florence. I am very excited that we have worked more with technical fabrics than before and also worked on a collaboration with a beautiful shoe brand, who produce their shoes in France.