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After ”a massive survey”, this retailer presents new campaign to empower men to break free from stereotypes

”It marks a new era for us. And hopefully for all men.”

Words: Johan Magnusson

With 65 stores in Sweden and Finland and a solid 25+ year history, Brothers is probably one of the most well known Scandinavian fashion chain for men. For this fall, they present their first campaign based on a new communication concept.

— It marks a new era for us. And hopefully for all men, says Marketing Director Oscar Arrsjö. We want to empower men to break free from stereotypes and classic expectations of how you are expected to behave as a man. To encourage men to be who you want to be, dress the way you want to dress and that it’s ok to express your feelings and to love whoever you want to love. To visualize this we use A man’s world, portrayed by models in black and white looking the way we are used to see men in fashion communication targeting men, as a contrast to A Brothers world. Given our broad range of stores and our reach we hope this will make a nationwide impact (in Sweden) throughout both our native markets and ultimately in the long run make our society a nicer, kinder place to live and make people feel more and better.

brothers-this-is-a-mans-world-this-is-a-brothers-world Left: A man’s world. Right: A Brothers world.

In connection to the campaign, they also did extensive research.

— We did a massive survey, asking both customers and not yet customers about Brothers and how they’d like to shop. We gained a lot of valuable insight. One of them was the longing to find expression for creativity through their clothes. This is something we now aim to address in many aspects, starting with this campaign.

What do you want to achieve with it?

— We want to give every man the strength to be at his best self, on the outside as well as the inside.

Which kind of men’s style do you want to show?

— We believe that a well dressed and relaxed appearance gives you the confidence to be yourself.