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Acclaimed conceptual designer returns after 113 design sketches with boot inspired by the Swedish army

The handmade Peacemaker boots will be followed by the release of several new products throughout next year.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Lee Cotter has never been the one to stand at the front waiving for attention or been in the fashion industry for recognition.

— I am a designer at heart and entrepreneur by choice, he says. My focus and devotion has always been to create great products with longevity. My roots are English but the majority of my upbringing is Swedish. Technically I’m an immigrant with a perfect Swedish dialect who turned out to be a good designer and conceptualist.

His concept BY THE NO. started as an experimental outlet, as an offspring from parenting fashion brand V AVE SHOE REPAIR.

— By The Number was the inhouse brand-name for tests and trials in sculptural design and couture, says Cotter. The VASR-brand closed down in 2014, but the BTN-brand continued as a stand alone project. 125 days after closing VASR, a BTN-collection hit the market. The number visible in graphics represents the number of days, hours, minutes and even tenth of seconds the designer was absent with products from the design industry. The numbers now pays as a homage to never give up, to stand up for what is right and to always be true to your self.

BTN-113 Peacemaker-boots-by-the-no-lee-cotter

It is now time for the release of the first style in the building of the second round of By The No.

— It’s named BTN 113_Peacemaker and is a Swedish Army inspired boot with touring skate nose cap. The style was given its name due to the fact that it took 113 design sketches before the designer — that is me — was content with the outcome. The Peacemaker is a 100% handmade product made in Portugal, produced in a small assembly line in a family owned mini-factory. I have a long relationship with our shoemaker and we have full insight in every detail in the making of this great product, says Cotter, adding,

— I will release new products throughout next year. Products relevant to the season and to the brand’s DNA. I can’t reveal too much right now, but we will make a load of fun products and new developments. Keep an eye out.