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Absolut Vodka’s latest move is to introduce their very own equality ambassador

LGBTQ activist, fashion enthusiast and ”creative dictator” Fredrik Robertsson’s says his new position is a dream come true, aiming to raise awareness of the gender and sexual minorities community.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The introduction is taken from his own Instagram profile, full of spectacular style and breathtaking outfits. Born in Sweden and raised in Singapore, his working background is PR, starting his own agency at the age of 21 with his best friend.

— We worked within fashion, food and beverage and cosmetics, he says. It was a lot of fun to be part of the change with social media evolving. I also am a huge fan of fashion, extreme fashion some would say, and love expressing myself through clothes which have gotten me a lot of attention throughout the years.

Yes, tell us about your epic style.

— I guess it’s always changing. I dress how I feel and I dress for the occasion. If I am at a gala, I dress g a l a. If I am at the lake house, I dress like a hobo. I love how you can change people’s opinions and views about yourself, just by changing what you wear. I do like to mix femininity and masculinity a lot. I like to fuck with people. I like to make people think and react. Someone needs to.

Already working with Philips Television and one of the leading restaurants in Stockholm, Urban Deli, he’s full of excitement about his new partnership with Absolut Vodka.

— It’s a dream come true. Absolut Vodka has always supported the LGBTQ community and worked with epic fashion projects. My job is to, together with Absolut, shine a light on the LGBTQ community in Sweden, raise awareness, to support and create events and projects that benefit our community. I guess I want to talk about expressing yourself and how important it is not to let your surroundings control who you are, what you wear and what you want to do. Today society tells us to be the same, to look the same, everyone should talk the same. It’s so boring and dangerous. Individuality is now very rare. I hope by dressing the way I do and speaking about things I find important, that people dare to be a little different and unique. Let your freak flag fly!