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A wider perspective

A deep care for quality paired with a wide-eyed passion for contemporary music, culture, fashion and an ambitious sustainability program has taken Neuw from Melbourne to a picky but global audience.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Neuw’s Swedish Co-founder and Creative Director Pär Lundqvist’s personal vintage denim collection consists of over 2500 pairs, where some are dating as far back as the late 1800’s.

— Denim manufacturing is my, and our, obsession, he states.

He, as well as the brand, has a humble and honest approach, making it clear that fashion is an imperfect business and that they’re a part of it.

— We have clear and specific goals for a cleaner, greener and brighter future. We are not as good as we want to be yet, but we are certainly making significant progress every day. We are completely committed to making socially and environmentally sustainable choices right through this process. For our consumers, we know this is an absolute requirement and expectation.

The first thing in the manufacturing process they decided to completely overhaul was washing, simply because it was where the biggest immediate impact could be made. Thanks to their unique Zero Initiative that launched earlier this year after several years of development, they’ve completely removed harmful chemicals as well as classic, harmful stone-washing methods. All of their denims are washed and processed using recycled water.

— For SS20, we apply the Zero concept to more of our apparels, including our core denim jacket and denim shirts, which will be a good statement for denim lovers, says Lundqvist.

Being dedicated to sustainability, this season also sees a major push for greener fabrics.

— We remain committed to socially and environmentally sustainable choices throughout our manufacting processes. From the laundry to the factory and now... the field. We are proud to present our Organic Cotton Initiative, a venture into a cleaner, greener more responsible production process from seed to showroom.

The last ten years, Lundqvist says, men’s jeans have been all about skinny fits. A change towards wider silhouettes is upon us and he is excited about it.

— ”Baggy” is not about going super loose. For us, it is three silhouettes designed with the ambition to take relaxed fits out of its classic context of street and action sports and make them relevant to guys who are into indie, punk and alternative electronic music. We are all about Modern loose fits for young creatives who want what’s new without compromising neither quality nor sustainability. For SS20 we are introducing The Reid Baggy. It’s a full length, relaxed straight leg, with a longer rise and button fly. It’s inspired by the notoriously temperamental and rebellious Reid brothers who were the founding members of the alternative rock band Jesus & The Mary Chain.

Quality, sustainability and music are their three most important pillars to ensure contin ued growth. That is also why we should expect several different music and art collaborations in the future.

— We will continue to stay committed to those pillars and expand our fashion items, says Lundqvist. But the most important thing for us is to stay true to who we are and be proud of what we achieve within what we do. What makes Neuw unique is not about us. It’s about the wearer and how he feels when he puts on our jeans. That is what we focus on. We want to give him a sense of effortless style and the confidence to fully focus on his art, music, and design.

Going to Revolver in Copenhagen? Visit Neuw at stand 260.