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Exploring the Scandinavian way of travelling

”The design was built out of the ambition of allowing additional capacity for the traveller’s necessities, and less space wasted on excessive material”, says Jonas Ottosson, CEO of Scandinavia’s leading travel luggage company, about their new lifestyle-oriented concept A-TO-B.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Quite obviously, functionality was the primary focus for Venue Retail Group, when introducing their new brand the other week.

— During the technical development we had a vision to optimize the very limited space that you have while travelling, whether it’s a weight- or a space restrain ones packing flexibility is limited, says Ottosson. With this in mind, the design was then built out of the ambition of allowing additional capacity for the traveller’s necessities, and less space wasted on excessive material. We created a travel system that includes all the necessary components needed for organized travel. As an example an address tag is always included in our travel bag designs for easy traceability. Further more, we always include an interior pack bag to help the traveler keep fresh items separated from used ones during travels.

In your communication, you use ”The Scandinavian way of travelling”. How do you explain that?

— Scandinavian design can commonly be described as functional and minimalistic. The A-TO-B travel line is no exception. We have designed all parts to fit a porpoise and the most important issue for us was to accommodate the travelers needs by designing a smart product with aesthetics so appealing that he or she wouldn’t mind using it as a part of her home interior.

How sustainable is the line?

— It’s made in high quality production with Japanese components. We have left no stones unturned when it comes to wear and tear, quality and testing. For delicate parts that may wear down over time we are equipped with components in-stock and offer in-store repairs to our customers when needed. Our sustainability approach is to make a great and durable product that will last for years to come.

The first range includes three sizes in five colours each plus a premium model with extra pockets and leather handles.

— Come Christmas we are launching a beautiful top-bag collection as an extension of our travel bags. For coming seasons we are also launching new colors in the current SK997 series. Our near future ambition is to expand the offering to contain travel bags in various materials and sizes, so coming launches is to be expected, says Ottosson.