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A new way of print


”The magazine is all about concept where the theme isn’t just reflecting the stories but also the entire form and graphic design, meaning that each edition becomes something completely new, hence the magazine’s name,” says New Magazine’s Linnea Mesko and Frida-My Sundqvist. They’re looking at print as a 3-dimensional well-curated object, now releasing their second issue where the content is completely based on the theme of ”Two”.

Mesko and Sundqvist started the magazine together in 2016 when they felt that they wanted to put all their ideas into one place to be shared with others.

— Our shared love for print and magazines and wish to create a space that could develop over time made; New, the duo says.

At the time Linnea had just graduated from Beckmans College of Design moving into working as a graphic designer at Stockholm Design Lab. Frida-My had just finished Stockholm University where she studied art history and media communication and chose to study photography over art direction. Today she works as a conceptual photographer, often involved in the whole process, and mostly within fashion with clients such as J. Lindeberg, Byredo, Cereal magazine, and Teeth Magazine. Linnea just won a Silverägg [Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry] for the new identity for The Nobel Prize together with former colleagues at Stockholm Design Lab, and works as an Art Director at All Blues.

With New magazine being all about concept, it includes different art forms like photography, painting, art, poetry, fashion, and lyrics.

— We’ve also chosen to not bound the fashion stories to any season which we think is part of a more sustainable future and will create a magazine that lasts. It’s an independent publication fully launched by ourselves made with the perspective that print are more than ink on paper.

Tell us about the new issue!

— It is our second issue and the content is completely based on the theme of “Two”. The magazine is double folded, it has two typefaces, and it contains stories like Double Trouble, Stuck with you, Alter Ego, AM PM, Hot and Cold, Paired, Them, Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t, Past Present, 2 in 1, Day and Night, Copy Cat, Two Faced, Same but Different and more, the duo says, continuing,

— One of the highlights that also stands out most is that musician GRANT wrote a song especially for this issue based on the theme that is printed in the magazine and which she performed live for the first time on the release event in Stockholm. We will launch the performance online, soon.

How’s the reception?

— We are very pleased with all of it, where maybe the most surprising part is that we sell much more abroad than in Sweden.

What do you think about the future of print?

— We love print and to us, it is an art form. Our belief is to create something that you can’t experience in a digital world where print is still needed and fulfills a certain demand. You need to take advantage of all the possibilities there is with print and don’t create something that could have been seen online. To us, it does not feel relevant to print something on paper that could rather be left as a pdf document or fit into a website. We look at print as a 3-dimensional well-curated object and we feel it should be treated that way more often.

And what’s next for you?

— We are full on planning for the next issue. Also, we would love to explore other directions for New in the future beyond only being a printed publication.