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A better tomorrow

The innovative world leader in sustainable acoustic sound absorbers, BAUX, shares the knowledge from psychologists, neuroscientists, acousticians, and designers in their brand new book.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The innovative world leader in sustainable acoustic sound absorbers, BAUX, shares the knowledge from psychologists, neuroscientists, acousticians, and designers in their brand new book

Stockholm-based Fredrik Franzon is a former management consultant and founder of several startups.

— Inventing new things has always thrilled me,he states.

When he and his team founded BAUX, they did it on the belief that building material should be both sustainable, surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. The company launched in January 2014, are now present on 30 markets and have several global high-end brands in their customer portfolio: eBay, Airbnb, Nike, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, YouTube, and Spotify, to name a few.

— There are of course many different reasons why BAUX has been able to acquire global attention of so many high-end brands, says Franzon. I think that one of the key things is that we really try to understand how to best speak and communicate our message to our target customer group. Somehow it seems that we have been successful in deciding how customers should feel about BAUX, how we look, how we design, and how we communicate. The way we do this simply seems to meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers, and builders. On top of this, we also manage to put the combination of three critical product criteria elements into play; our products are both aesthetically attractive, sustainable and functional (sound-absorbing and fireproof).

All this together makes it both emotionally appealing and objectively easy to select our products.

*How do you work with sustainability? *

— The degradation of our natural environment is a global topic of increasing urgency, and we can no longer afford to turn our backs or cut corners. Sustainability is core in everything we do — from human wellbeing in acoustic environments, to environmental sustainability and furthermore offering products with a long lasting and timeless design. We believe that sustainability is key to connect urban architecture and interior design with nature — for the purpose of a better tomorrow.

Last year, they joined forces with scientists from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and design studio Form Us With Love to develop a revolutionary new material, coming from years of research. Acoustic Pulp is the first in the world to uncompromisingly combine the high-performance properties of sound absorption, safety, and durability with modern aesthetics and sustainability. It is a series of nine, 100% bio-based and biodegradable acoustical panels that push the boundaries of sustainable building materials to a completely new level.

What are you showing at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair?

— We launch The Book of Acoustics, a knowledge bank and handbook full of facts, guidance and rules for architectural acoustics. The book is a practical handbook for interior designers and architects. It was written in collaboration with a number of experts in the field of acoustics. Through interviews with psychologists, neuroscientists, acousticians, and designers, it covers everything from the history of acoustics, how sound occurs and is controlled, to how acoustic design can increase creativity, productivity and wellbeing. In our stand, we have created a spiritual place for learning about acoustics; a calming environment for thoughts and reflections. Visitors are invited to study the book, partake in the latest knowledge about sound, be inspired by interior design, and listen to guest speakers on the importance of good acoustics in public spaces, says Franzon.

What else do you have coming?

— We’re constantly trying to lead the way and challenge the design industry through new innovations. Our aim is to develop new materials, productsand services that will simplify the choice for a sustainable option for your upcoming project. But for now,I just invite you all to pick up your copy of the book.

BAUX is located at A02:18.