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60-year-old one-day intern joins Scandinavia’s leading ”oldfluencer” to inspire elderly people to dare to take on new challenges in social media


When Svante Nybyggars turned 60, he had a life crisis and felt he had to change his lifestyle. After working very hard during his entire career as a copywriter, he started training, became a vegetarian and ended up with beer and wine. And, luckily, he signed up for an Instagram account.

After changing his lifestyle, Svante Nybyggars, 68, sought the roots of his ancestors, which aroused interest in workwear.

— My predecessors had worked as fishermen and small farmers. They had a style of clothing that is partly reminiscent of mine, he says.

For many people, he’s better known as @theurbanhippieswe on Instagram, where he shares his heritage- and workwear-oriented style to more than 41,000 followers.

— Style and clothing quickly became a passion for me and then it felt natural to go on Instagram. There I could find like-minded people all over the world. My age has been an advantage, it makes me stand out and maybe explains why I get followers, most of them much younger. My hope is to be able to convey that it does not have to be boring to age. As long as you are curious. I often travel to clothing shows in Berlin, Paris, London and even Tokyo to establish new contacts.

He’s now been appointed ”oldfluencer” by the Swedish non-profit foundation Trygghetsrådet (TRR). When Trygghetsrådet went out and asked the elderly if they wanted to practice with Svante, just over 30 applied for it. And editor Anita Saming, 60, became the chosen one and will spend the day today as his intern.

— She’ll join me for a day in Malmö, Sweden when I visit various independent stores and talk and socialize with the owners. The daily routine also includes photographing outfit pictures for Instagram. I try to post 2-3 pictures every day. The idea is that Anita will learn about how to develop her own Instagram account.

Your style is much based on denim, which Nordic denim brands would like to highlight?

— Swedish Indigofera, Nudie, and Acne Studios and Norwegian Livid. However, I have no garments from those brands. But I do have jeans from Swedish Manér and Sarva, both of which have production in Sweden. It feels good. Perhaps the Swedish textile industry can be revived.

Will we see more ¥oldfluencers” in the future?

— Well, as people are healthier than previous generations and live longer, we will surely see more oldfluencers, Nybyggars states, adding,

— It gives satisfaction in everyday life and is an excellent way to communicate across the generational boundaries. For me personally, I plan to visit shows I haven’t been to. I have no commercial purpose with Instagram, the reward is that I get to cultivate my style interest and can meet many lovely people who share the interest.