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5 Scandinavian niche perfume brands you should discover, according to the expert

We ask Tara Derakshan, co-founder of scent discovery service Sniph, to pick out the highlights on a booming market.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The Swedish company makes it more easy and more delightful to discover new favourite scents. They let you subscribe to a scent theme of your choice ranging from clean to avant garde styled niche perfumes. You get to try 8 ml of a hand picked niche perfume, delivered straight to your door, every month.

Following Byredo, the last decade has seen a bunch of Scandinavian niche perfume brands entering the market. Here’s Tara Derakshan’s favourites:


— Founded in Gothenburg and probably one of the most successful Nordic scent brands internationally. Many amazing creations of which our favourites are Dark Saphir, White Lies & White Oud. If you still haven't discovered Agonist in 2020, you're in for a ride.

109 Parfums

— An obscure new player in the niche world with a range of deep and sophisticated fragrances inspired by Sweden and the Middle East. If you want to smell like honey — and we mean pure honey — you need to experience the 2019 launch LAIL.


— Offering 9 scents, each composed inspired by a different era, culture or setting from Africa, Europe, the States and Asia.

Room 1015

— Founded in Paris but currently housing in Stockholm, the tattooed pharmacist Dr. Michael Partouche develops the scents of rock'n'roll. Electric Wood is already a modern classic and we have high expectations on the 2020 launch where cherries are smashed into black leather.

Vilhelm Parfumerie

— The brand’s evokeing the by-gone memories and moments of its founder, Swedish Jan Ahlgren, living in NYC. Each Vilhelm scent has an elaborate founding story and the formulas are developed by Jerome Epinette (the nose behind most Byredo’s first line up).

Sniph also just launched their first own line of products, The Presence Collection.

— It’s based on our insights from trends and customer needs. Our members requested more types of scented products to try out and a study showed that most of them wanted our help to scent their homes with candles, room mists and diffusers. The study also showed that people are easily distracted and want help to boost universal, but important, emotional states such as focus, sensuality and relaxation. Hence our Presence Collection with scented candles and room mists developed to boost these particular areas in life, with three dedicated scents. The effects are measured and verified in collaboration with neuroscientist Dr. Gospic.

Will you launch your own perfumes as well?

— We're curious to see what 2020 brings and our area of expertise is all things scent. We’ll see.

Now, for 10 days of the darkest period of the year, people in Stockholm will be able to drop by Sniph’s chic pop-up boutique to get a well deserved nose boost.

— We’ve picked out some of our favourite perfumes in different formats, the February picks for our subscription service and of course candles and room mists from our Presence Collection. That includes our bestseller candle Rubicon, the perfect ambiance scent to get into the right sensual mood with your partner — or yourself, says Derakshan.

The pop-up is located at Grev Turegatan 18 in Stockholm and is open until Thursday, January 16. Find out more on