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+30 new product launches we liked at Pitti Uomo 97

Get a first look on what the Nordic brands showed for Fall/Winter -20 in Florence.


Fiskars’ modern garden wear collection by Maria Korkeila.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-adnym-atelier FW20 is Swedish up and coming premium brand ADNYM ATELIER’s strongest to date.

pitti-97-swims-expedition-parka SWIMS’ Expedition Parka will keep you warm forever and is full of details, including a thermometer on the inside.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-rue-de-tokyo Checks by Rue De Tokyo.

pitti-97-tonsure-coat Oversized coat by Tonsure.

pitti-97-oscar-jacobson Oscar Jacobson’s jazz-inspired FW20.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-unridden Unridden’s founder Asger Juel Larsen is wearing the brand’s outerwear, made of water repellant ribstop fabric.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-karhu-legacy-sneaker The Legacy silhouette by iconic Karhu.

pitti-97-stenströms Rust tones by Stenströms.

pitti-97-project-twlv Kangaroo leather boots by Project TWLV.

pitti-97-ubr-parka UBR’s Delta 200 parka is weighing in at a mere 975 gram, but is still fully operational down to minus 25°C.

pitti-97-soulland Soulland’s super soft puffer.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-makia-clothing-aw20 With the special collab with Finland’s most well-known museum, Makia wants to invite even more young people to discover art. Launching May 15.

pitti-limitato Accessories with fine artworks by John Paul Fauves for Limitato.

pitti-97-oas Double-breasted printed robe by OAS.

pitti-h20 Pitti’s softest sweater? Made by H2O.

pitti-97-7-days Fleece sweater from exciting Danish sportswear brand 7 Days.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-rolf-ekroth Water colours in Rolf Ekroth’s FW20.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-rains Danish success story Rains’ new parkas program.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-norwegian-rain Norwegian Rain’s Japan-made bag and a jacket made of the Dyneema fiber, which is stronger than steel.

pitti-97-varsity-project Premium caps made of Loro Piana fabrics by Varsity Headwear.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-wigens Wigéns have been making hats and caps for over 100 years. And, as you can see, with new owners, they’re still going strong.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-terinit Finnish heritage sportswear brand Terinit’s FW20, designed by Rolf Ekroth, is inspired by snowboard rider Heikki Sorsa.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-sand SAND Copenhagen’s coat fabric has a beautiful structure.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-cavaliere-coat Full look by premium tailoring brand Cavaliere.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-hansen-coat Heavy coat by Danish premium workwear brand Hansen Garments.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-norse-projects-aw20 Reversible coat in this layering look from Norse Projects.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-eton-shirts-aw-20 Eton Shirts FW20. Photography: Magnus Eklöf

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-sneum-cowboy-boots Danish brand Sneum is founded by former Valentino designer Christian Sneum. Their FW20 includes these super cool cowboy boots.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-amanda-christensen Amanda Christensen’s range of Italian-made ties.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-cdlp-rope CDLP’s premium robe, launching this March.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-cof-studio-aw20 C.O.F. Studio’s fishtail parka and denim-zip jacket.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-hestra Hestra’s new gloves, made of chamois.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-frama-deep-forest Baked porous ceramics functioning as room diffusers in new fragrance Deep Forest by Frama together with South Korean Be My Guest.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-hgbb-studio Danish design meets Korean in Italian fabrics by hgbbstudio.

pitti-uomo-97-florence-2020-mfpen mfpen’s jacket, made of mohair.

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