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Stockholm Design Week

25 things to see during Stockholm Design Week

Words: Whilliam Lindroth


String Furniture will show their 2020 collection and the design collaboration with TAF Architects. The new collection contains original gables by Nisse Strinning and a shelf by Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström. They will also release new shelves in bright neon colours. Open: 3th and 6th February, 09–16; 4–5 and 7th February, 09–17.

Fatburen, Södermalmsallén 36


Asplund has been an integral contributor to Scandinavian design for three decades and counting. During design week their store will be transformed into a showroom and they will reveal all their news for 2020 and the new decade ahead, as well as offering an overview of their collections over the last 30 years. Open: 3–7 February, 10–19; 8th February, 10–17.

Sibyllegatan 31


The Swedish designer brand will exhibit their new collection, curated by the interior designer Lotta Agaton. Open: 3–7 February 10–18; 4–6 February 10–20; 8th February 10–16.

Ingmar Bergmans gata 4


Konsthantverkarna will open their store as a showroom, where you will find works by some of Sweden’s most skilled designers and craftsmen. There you can view their current exhibition with ceramic artist August Sörenson. Open: 3–7 February, 11–18; 8th February, 11–16.

Södermalmstorg 4


Claesson Koivisto Rune will release a new biography about the company’s 25 successful years of creativity. The book contains their architectural works from the early years to the present day, using photos, text and drawings.

Konst-ig art bookseller, Åsögatan 124


The artist Aia Jüdes will exhibit her latest collection of artistic furniture design, based on a cross-pollination between traditional craft and innovative design. The collection, ”return of the burls”, contain a series of startling lamps that challenge our view on traditional craft. Open: 3th February, 11–19; 4–7 February, 11–18; 8–9 February, 11–16

Strandvägen 5B


There will be an exhibition and auction celebrating the designer Mattias Stenberg’s broad range of design he has produced over the years. It will show case over 120 pieces of a unique and new design, produced exclusively for this exhibition by more than 20 participating brands. It will include a wide range of furniture, carpets, and other design items. The objects will also be sold at the online group auction by Stockholm’s Auktionsverk, where several manufacturers will donate the proceeds to charity. Open: 3th February, 11–18; 4th February, 11–21; 5–6 February, 11–20; 7th February, 10–18; 8th February, 11–16.

Nybrogatan 3


The Furniture Design Museum in Stockholm will show their current exhibition ”Female Traces”, which highlights 60 female designers from the early 1900s to the present day. Through this exhibition, the museum seeks to showcase the creativity and strength of multiple recognized and forgotten female designers. Open: 4–7 February, 10–20; 8–9 February, 11–17.

Magasin 6, Frihamnsgatan 50


Through their new showing concept ”The Art of Performance”, you can come and experience collections, collaborations and concepts in their world of creativity and innovation. Open: 4–6 February, 10–18; 7th February, 10–16.

Birger Jarlsgatan 32A


he exhibition Young Swedish Design will showcase unique pieces from a range of disciplines, from product design to crafts. It provides a platform for young designers to show and exhibit their design ideas. Here you can come and discover some of the most intriguing new designs from Sweden’s young creatives. Open: 4th and 7th February, 10–20; 5–6 February, 10–18; 8–9 February, 11–18.

Exercisplan 4


The National Museum’s exhibits will showcase the evolution of design, where you can follow the history of design from the 1920s to the present day. One show is about the history of ceramics, which displays over 1,200 items about the development of ceramics.

The museum will also showcase the exhibition ”Hella Jongerius – Breathing color” that presents a visual examination of how colours and light interplay and change during the hours of the day, and balance the borderline between art and design. Exhibitions: 4–5 and 8–9 February, 11–17; 6th February, 11–21; 7th February, 11–19.

National Museum, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2


Swedish Ninja has put together an exciting exhibition with the designers Saša Antić, Nina Kullberg and Ann Söderlund that will include a mix of furniture, lighting, and accessories. Open: 4th February, 11–18; 5th February, 10–16; 6–7 February, 10–17.

Valhallavägen 96


The Academy of Fine Arts will open the exhibition ”Rooms pictures stripes” that showcases newly-produced works by the textile designers Ingela Håkansson Lamm and Tom Hedqvist. Ingela will show colourful and symbolising imagery that moves between the figurative and the graphical abstract in the shape of hand-printed textiles and patterns. Tom will showcase a series of newly produced motifs with the theme of stripes. Open: 4–7 February, 11–17; 8–9 February, 12–16.

Fredsgatan 12


The five designers Margot Barolo, Andreas Nobel, Mia Cullin, Erik Björk andFredrik Paulsen have put together an experimental project of alternative design production of fifteen chairs. The exhibition will take place at Sven Harry’s art museum. Open: 4–5 and 7th February, 11–19; 6th February, 11–21; 8–9 February, 11–17.

Sven Harry’s Art Museum, Eastmansvägen 1


Dry Studios will showcase a mixed installation of new objects and exploration of form and design. They are also collaborating with the brand Frama, which is having some selected pieces of their products mixed with Dry Studios items. Open: 4–8 February, 11–17.

Upplandsgatan 36


There will be a guided tour, led by marketing and members manager Petra Stenvall Thompson, where you will hear about Alma’s history and have a sneak inside the exclusive members’ areas. Alma Trägårdh will also be the official bar during Design Week 2020. The bar serves seasonally inspired drinks and great classic cocktails, and for the SDW they have created a special drink, ”six different ways”, which is a classic daiquiri made with rum from six different islands. (Opening hours bar) 4–5 February, 18–00; 6th February, 18–01; 7th February, 17–01; 8th February, 20–01. (Opening hours tour) 4–7 February, 11:30–12:00.

Nybrogatan 8


The designer Alexander Lervik is going to have an exhibition called ”Imaginations”, which consists of twelve different pieces of furniture and everyday items that reflects the man’s capacity for creativity and the human condition, with a language that can be described as playful, elastic, and particularly imaginative. Open: 4–5, 7th February, 11–19; 6th February, 11–21; 8–9 February, 11–17.

Sven Harry’s art museum, Eastmansvägen 10


Together with multiple designer brands, Non:agency will invite you to their exhibition ”The age of”, curated by Jenny Lee and Petra Lilja. It will be divided into three areas; ”The Age of Humans”, ”The Age of Consciousness” and ”The Age of Entanglements”, which take you on a journey from present-day issues of climate change to a multi-planetary future. In partnership with Volvo, the exhibition will take place in their design studio. Open: 3–7 February, 10–18; 8–9 February, 11–16.

Volvo Studio, Jussi Björlings Allé 5


The feminist exhibition ”Misschiefs” contains con temporary collectible design showcasing a unique group of ten Swedish female designers. They have been selected for their individual mastering of particular craftsmanship and artistic style, such as glass blowing, textile weaving, wood stitching and so on. Their objects and furniture are also exclusively handmade in limited edition and sold in a maximum of three copies each. Open: 3–7 February, 10–17.

Stureplan 6


An exhibition about the architecture and design of Zander K Hotel, Villa Terminus, Hotel Bergen Bors, and the newly opened Grand Hotel Terminus. All four hotels are designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects, each with its own unique character and concept. The exhibition will showcase a large number of furniture and artifacts from the hotels, many of them custom-designed. Open: 4–7 February, 13–16.

Embassy of Norway, Skarpögatan 4


The Archive will showcase four Japanese and Scandinavian design brands that highlight shared aesthetics and values. Ariake, LE KLINT, Friends & Founders, and Arita will exhibit their collections and new pieces. Open: 4th February, 19–22; 5–6 February, 10–20; 7th February, 10–17.

Birger Jarls torg 2A


Made by Choice will present their latest products with the designers Hanna Anonen, Matti Klenell, Katrin Olina, Thomas Sandell and Shane Schneck. 5 February (by invitation only)

Scandinavian MAN, Mäster Samuelsgatan 42


Hem will show their latest launching of products and news within the collections Koti, Alle, and Kumo. Open: 3–7 February, 10–18.

Eastmansvägen 12A


Ittalla present an exhibition by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec that reflects the relationship between the perfect and imperfect in nature and design. The installation features new objects by Matti Klenell and Philippe Malouin. Open:3–7 February, 11–18.

Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården 3


Lisa Milberg and Leo Forsell from Arranging Things have created an exhibition with vintage and art pieces, mixed with new Scandinavian design. Everything is for sale!

Victoria Hall, Stockholm Furniture Fair