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Best of 2019

2019’s game-changers giving us hope for 2020

We summarize 2019 by gathering a bunch of stories covering the most encouraging people, startups and players from this year.


Swedish innovation makes it possible to recycle polyester and cotton blends to enable circular flows in the fashion and textile industry

The most common blending has not been possible to recycle on an industrial scale. Until now.

renewcell-circulose-harald-cavalli-bjo rkman-kristinehamn-scandinavian-man Finally time for the world’s first clothes in circular cotton

We have 11 years left to stabilize our climate, so it’s about time for new initiatives to lead the way. Enter Circulose by re:newcell.

Frenn X RePack This eCommerce packaging innovation comes with the mission to eliminate packaging waste

After the EU ambition to ban single-use products, we speak to the Finnish startup being the first to bring reusable packaging to the world of online retail. And rewarding you when using it.

copenhill-amager-bakke-copenhagen-bjarke-ingels-big-scandinavian-man Huge hype for the opening of Copenhagen’s new ski slope made of plastic built on waste-to-energy plant

”The people’s hill”, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Bjarke Ingels himself, has been covered pretty much all over the media for several years and will be open for skiing, climbing, hiking, running and, in some cases, even cycling.

Josefin Liljeqvist Connoissieur1502 Highres 8Bit sRGB preview Josefin Liljeqvist’s new footwear line is made of leather traceable back to its origin

”I strongly believe that the only way to stop climate change and have functional ecosystems, is to improve global animal protection,” she says.

ASKET Unraveling The Thread 1 With only 7% of brands knowing where their raw materials come from, one line with 100% traceability is an important step

”By unraveling our supply chain, we become responsible for our actions within it,” says ASKET’s Co-founder August Bard Bringéus, presenting their 100% traceable merino garments.

MsPowerAirHoudi D TrueBlack 1 C Low As microplastics are increasingly found even in drinking water, Houdini’s new innovation shed up to 80% less microfibers

Their new type of fleece aims to solve the problem of microfiber shedding from synthetic fibers.

tretorn-sneakers Iconic sneakers from 1900 come to life

Tretorn is one of the world’s oldest sneaker manufacturers, with a heritage going back to May 1 in 1900. Last spring they started a journey to bring back premium archive sneakers with an eco profile in their Eco Essential Initiative, a platform for sustainable innovation.

icebug-outrun-the-most-sustainable-trail-running-shoe-kickstarter (1) The first climate positive outdoor footwear brand presents the most sustainable trail running shoe yet

”A lot of retailers told us that they liked this shoe, but that customers not really care that much about sustainability. We strongly disagree.”

encouragement-for-action-2019-stockholm-fashion-district-mattias-jonsson-renewcell-nudie-jeans-rickard-lindqvist-astrid-olss Four sustainable pioneers win prestigious Encouragement for Action prize

The prize-winners use both their creativity and new technology and business models to develop new ideas and share their values to the fashion community.

2019 Tenok Tim Krahmer 1 Groundbreaking innovations at the opening of Global Grad Show in Dubai

The exhibition showcases waveband which empowers people born deaf or with severe hearing loss in their everyday interactions with people, time-telling devices that allow users to have alternate experiences of time and a grass roots solution for an affordable transition to production, storage and clean cooking using biogas.