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(20): CDLP, (21:) Horisaki, (22:) Johannes Adele and (23:) MFPEN SWEDENSKI

Luxury underwear for a different kind of sexy and artisanal hats and jewellery loved by the luxury-goth elite. Unisex tailoring fusing Swedish purity and French flair and extraordinary wardrobe staples made for Scandinavian survival. Four more brands are now added to our list with 25 of the best new Scandinavian menswear designers.

Edited by Robin Douglas Westling Written by Jimmy Guo

(20) CDLP

Luxury underwear for a different kind of sexy.

Stockholm, Sweden — Sick of how little else the underwear market had to offer men but oiled-up athletes and logos-a-gogo, Andreas Palm and Christian Larsson came up with the idea to create a perfected underwear for men who’d like to wear something cleverer in their pants. They started with the material, made of skin- and environmentally friendly Lyocell, these boxers are both softer and smoother than cotton. The sleek, minimal design, assembled by Portuguese artisans, comes with only a discreetly branded waistband presented in packaging fit for a king. After only a couple of years in business, CDLP has collaborated with world-renowned director Jonas Åkerlund and a built a stellar list of stockists including Matches Fashion, Maxfield and Soho House, promising an exciting future for men’s underwear.

(21) Horisaki

Artisanal hats and jewellery loved by the luxury-goth elite.

Kåremo, Sweden — In the middle of the woods of rural Sweden, there’s a farmhouse in which some of the finest hats in the world are made by skilled craftsmen. While this might sound like something out of a fairy tale, the success of Horisaki is indeed very real. Counting Lady Gaga and stores like L’Eclaireur, Antonioli and Darklands among their fans, Makoto and Karin Horisaki have found themselves a unique niche in the market with their handmade silver jewellery and fur felt hats that can retail for upwards of 1,000 euros. Of course, there’s a good reason why the product is worth the price tag as each hat is carefully made by hand in their Kåremo-based atelier honouring all the traditions of the trade. Using fine natural materials like rabbit and beaver fur felt, each piece is subject to a time-consuming process of patination that includes lacquering and burning resulting in a unique piece of perfected dishevelment.

(22) Johannes Adele

Unisex tailoring fusing Swedish purity and French flair.

Paris, France — After winning Elle Sweden’s newcomer award in 2017, Johannes Leijonberg and Adele Gillardeau have quickly made a splash on the Swedish scene. The couple met during their internship at Ann Demeulemeester and would later become partners both in life and work. Their collections, all made unisex, are a reflection of their own attitude towards the gender conventions in clothing. ‘We’ve always shared one wardrobe privately, so Johannes Adele is just continuation of that’, says Adele. Their aesthetic, combining Johannes’ Swedish taste for clean lines and Adele’s French finesse, is full of fine fabrics and graphic prints designed in-house. While the label was founded in Paris 2015, they spend most of their time working in the south of France allowing them to cultivate a unique artistic expression. As with many of their peers, their production and manufacturing is made with sustainability in mind with dedication to quality and ethical methods.


Extraordinary wardrobe staples made for Scandinavian survival.

Copenhagen, Denmark — With their muted colours and clean cuts, it would be easy to pigeonhole the designs of Sigurd Bank as typically Scandinavian. But there is a multitude of reasons why MFPEN has more to offer than the mid-price segment that has become synonymous with Danish contemporary brands. After gaining experience in clothing production and fabric sourcing, Sigurd conceived Mfpen in 2015 with the ambition to make wardrobe staples with meticulous emphasis on fabrics and details. Catering to serve the functional needs of the demanding Scandinavian climate — cold, rainy and terribly unreliable —the European-made collections have a strong focus on functional fabrics, winning ground even beyond the continent. As GQ Style puts it: ‘Sophisticated and relaxed, it’s the sort of collection that any man would look better in — and immediately feel like they are the best-dressed man in the room.’ With collaborations with Danish peers such as Kaibosh sunglasses and Buddy sneakers under his belt, we’re hotly anticipating what the future has in hold.