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15 years of denim dedication

”There are other good jeans out there but compare the price. There are other jeans out there at the same price level but compare the quality.” Dr. Denim’s Alexander Graah about the Cheap Monday collab that never happened, the coming offering of non-standard sizing, and what to expect from the complete transformation of the men’s line.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Creative Director and Co-founder Graah is a firm believer in open-mindedness, progress, science and the value of facts and has dedicated most of his adult life to creating great jeans. He’s self-taught in the field and it’s a purely personal passion that has turned into what will probably be a life-long mission.

— My father and grandfather both started businesses in fashion so there’s no doubt that it all somehow runs in the veins, he says, continuing,

— While denim is the love of my life, I take pride in being a master of many things – I have a background in economics and worked in strategy consulting before we started Dr. Denim, and I sometimes step in as in-house photographer when I’m not busy with creative direction work or legal work or any of the other fields I’m involved in at Dr. Denim. Being a perfectionist, I am squarely unable to accept the mediocre. I tirelessly strive to understand and learn new things, always seeking knowledge and a deeper understanding of occurrences around us.

He and his colleagues started Dr. Denim focusing on doing what they do best which is great jeans.

— We had a simple ambition of providing a cure for half-baked denim and, to this day, that’s what we continue doing. I think that, being as personally committed as we are, we can push things further and set a higher standard for ourselves than would otherwise be possible. The amount of work we put into a product, and the value we place on everything from fit to feel, will make you feel that we provide you with outstanding user value. There are other good jeans out there but compare the price. There are other jeans out there at the same price level but compare the quality. Our proposition remains unique, and it will continue remaining unique because we will continue pushing the envelope.

The brand celebrated 15 years with a big party at their store in central Stockholm earlier this year, while the FW19 collection is just about to launch in-store.

— On the whole, FW19 mixes 90s norm-core with urban sportswear influences, says Graah. Keep an eye out for Ryder — a dad jean fit with a nod to the mid-century denim silhouette. It’s an amazing fit that you’ll see me wearing for the rest of the year.

This week will see the first preview of Spring/Summer -20 at Revolver trade show* in Copenhagen, including a complete transformation of the men’s line, since, as Graah states, ”change is a good thing”.

— Over the years, we’ve experimented with various directions, and it’s become obvious to us that we should be focusing on what we do best and what we did from the beginning. Dr. Denim was founded first and foremost to make great jeans, so we’re placing more focus on that while creating a much more consistent direction for our denim-supporting items, i.e. the non-denim. The look of the collection is very much a back to the roots kind of thing – exceptionally well-executed garments with a streetwear flavour, where the quality, the fit, and the perceived hand-feel make all the difference. We have gone back to focusing on making garments we want to wear and making those garments the very best in class. We want you to feel that you can buy a pair of our jeans or one of our t-shirts and use it for years and years – all while it retains a feel of superb quality and still without compromising on our very affordable price level. The amount of time and effort we have put into these garments is unlike anything we have done before, he says.

— On first inspection, our Damien hoodie may just look like another hoodie, but put it on and feel the fabric and I assure you that will get what we’re doing. Same thing with our Trooper tee, inspired by vintage t-shirts from the 80s/90s but with a level of quality which makes it a potential wardrobe favourite for decades — sustainability is also about creating garments people want to and are able to wear for long periods of time. And on the subject of great pieces, our straight fit Dash is all the jeans you’ll ever need — you can style it in so many different ways, and you’ll never be out of style; it features some subtle hints to denim history while our focus is on serving up jeans which people will love.

What else do you have coming? Any collabs to celebrate 15 years?

— We’re in the middle of gearing up our offering of non-standard sizing, admittedly more in our women’s range than men’s range because that’s where there’s been most demand for it — but there’s nothing to say it can happen across a broader range of styles. Anyway, it’s something we take pride in doing because it’s inclusive and we’re proudly trying to serve everyone who likes what we do, says Graah.

— We’re not currently exploring any collabs. To be honest, we feel that collabs have largely been done to death and are generally deserving of a collective yawn. Having said that, we did pitch a collab to Cheap Monday two years ago, the two of us being pioneers in affordable denim and all. They didn’t go for it, sadly, but in retrospect, I suppose we can all see why, but I can’t help but wonder what could have been because there were some great ideas on the table. If we’re going to do something, it has to be something special – it’s not something we’re ruling out but also not something we currently have in progress.

*Dr. Denim is located at stand 247