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123 countries join Swedish 16-year-old’s ”climate strike” today and the Danish photographer’s ”raw” interpretation of masculinity in underwear shoot

+ interior company joins ”World Sleep Day”, cell phone and street fashion challengers come together, the new glass line paying tribute to Sweden’s oldest design icon, and Wood Wood getting ready for summer.


123 countries join Swedish 16-year-old’s ”climate strike” today Yesterday, it was announced that the Swedish student Greta Thunberg has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Last summer, she started truancy from school every Friday. Instead, she started her ”sitting strike” outside the Swedish parliament every Friday until the country’s government will fulfill its commitments in The Paris Agreement. It’s quickly evolved into a global movement, and according to the latest numbers, the second “Global Strike For Future” initiative took place at 2052 places in 123 countries on all continents today, including Antarctica.

Next Friday will see Greta back outside of the parliament, for the 31 consecutive week. And she won’t sit alone.

Danish photographer’s ”raw” interpretation of masculinity in underwear shoot Following Johan Renck and Danielle Midenge, Danish Rasmus Weng Karlsen is the third photographer to explore nuances of masculinity not typically represented in the men’s underwear industry in CDLP’s LENSED BY campaign.

Weng Karlsen is self-taught and started his career taking pictures of the Danish underground music scene in 2007. His raw, contemporary style combined with an ability to capture the true essence of a moment creates a clearly recognizable signature throughout his work. He shot Daniel Hopwood at Grand Hotel Copenhagen and the campaign features styles from the CDLP collection and coincides with Copenhagen department store Illum launching the brand in-store.

– It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with CDLP for this project and to be allowed total freedom and creative space to play with. Daniel was perfect to shoot because he isn’t a ”typical” men’s underwear model. His energy made this project so raw and fun—even when wearing only a pair of boxers in minus degree temperatures outside. There’s nothing better than a model that is truly himself on set, says Weng Karlsen.

– Rasmus’ images never feel like a shoot, they have that pure authenticity – like you’re invited into moments of his life. He has a unique ability to show vulnerability alongside grit, humor, and understated cool – all at the same time. Through this campaign, Rasmus has injected a fresh element of masculinity into CDLP. This is the intention of LENSED BY – to represent modern conscious masculinity in all its unbiased forms. These images really are some my favorite of Rasmus’ to-date, says Christian Larson, Co-founder and Creative Director. &

A tribute to an iconic pot The Höganäs pot is considered being Sweden’s oldest design icon. And the inspiration behind glass line Krås by Straight Design Studio for retailer Designtorget. Launched earlier this week, it is the first time that the latter let an external partner create a design for their own production.

– The creative process started with our needs of today and how the modern pot shall be designed in order to cater to these. More importantly, we’ve taken certain visual features into account and created what we think is a modern tribute to the classic Höganäs pot, says Straight Design Studio duo Viktor Erlandsson and Beatrice Nilsson.

The Krås line includes one pot and one drinking glass, with additional products expected to be launched over time. &

Cell phone and street fashion challengers come together Street fashion label New Black and smartphone manufacturer OnePlus have shared the same mantra since the start: Never settle. They’re both operating on competitive markets – so why not join forces and work together? And sure enough, this morning they announced a marketing cooperation.

– OnePlus is one of a few brands matching our mentality in terms of community, friendship, and culture, says Andreas Ramos Undén, CEO and Co-founder of New Black. We completely stand behind their Never Settle mantra and the will to constantly renew and improve themselves.

His company is OnePlus’ latest retailer, both online and at the store in Stockholm, and the companies will continue to move their respective communities together through events and other initiatives throughout the year.

– Our companies’ history are similar and the common denominator for our coming activities is that they will promote culture and community, says Stefan Bonnevier, Nordic Communications Manager, OnePlus. &

Interior company join World Sleep Day By coindicing the global campaign Sleep Well, Live Well with World Sleep Day today, clothing and interior company Lexington wish to illustrate the importance of sleep. It highlights sleeping habits, the secret to good sleep – and obviously which bedsheets that suits you best.

– We want to abandon the previous ideal, to be proud of working and be social around the clock, says CEO and Creative Director Kristina Lindhe, adding: The ideal of today is a balance where good sleeping health is crucial.

In Lexington’s new ”Sleeping barometer”, 94% of the Swedish participants consider sleep as important, but only 2% of them prioritize it. The career, the family, social relations, exercising…yeah, pretty much everything is more important for the respondents. The survey shows that Swedish people, in general, should sleep more and that they sleep two hours less than they would like to. Every night.

Ready for the summer? Wood Wood are! Yesterday, Wood Wood launched their Spring/Summer 2019 mid-season drop is here. It consists of summer-ready crisp cotton shorts, bucket hats, short-sleeved shirts, and T-shirts with graphics following up on the theme from ”The Outside” collection, for SS19.