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1200 square meters, a 360° view and 52 meters above the ground

Also more on the ultimate weekend getaway bag, the new home for Danish architecture, and Acne Studios’ own take on the iconic peace symbol.


1200 square meters, a 360° view and 52 meters above the ground

The new rooftop park Stockholm Under Stjärnorna (Stockholm Beneath the Stars) opened last Friday, offering the ultimate summer hang out from early morning to late night.

Tell us about the concept.

– It’s a bit of everything, a space this big opens up to so much fun, says Henrik Jakobsen, spokesperson. Our main inspiration is the summer park hang out, those days where you spend an entire day with friends and family outdoors. Having finger food, fruit, a beer, playing some sport. All those things have we kept in mind while moving it about fifty meters up in the air. In short, I would describe Stockholm Under Stjärnorna as a summer-long festival, a rooftop park and a roar of freedom. It is quite breathtaking to walk over the bridge to the venue.

And what more is so unique about it?

– There’s so many aspects of this, 1200 square meters allow us to do more and try new things. We have picnic baskets filled with cheese and cold cuts, with sweets and with a Swedish inspired bibimbap, you take your basket and sit down wherever you like, as if in a park. And then there’s the outdoor cinema, the group training sessions, the food markets, the daytime sessions, the FIFA World Cup broadcast. The space itself, the vibe is something I’ve seldom experienced before. It’s fun and it’s a sense of freedom.

And you also run your own radio station?

– Yes, Klara Radio is a music collective that will not only be the foundation of Stockholm Under Stjärnorna’s musical expression but also broadcast everything live. They aim to create a digital platform and physical meeting place for artists, independent labels, collectors, writers and music lovers of all sorts. They want to take the most eclectic parts of the Scandinavian music scene and bring it to the world in an accessible format and it is also the cornerstone of Stockholm Under Stjärnorna’s musical expression.

What are the event highlights this season?

– It will be epic to watch the FIFA World Cup games on our big screen and have Stockholm’s rooftops as a backdrop. But there is so much more, such as the food markets we will host every month where we invite restaurateurs who create street food versions of their usual menus. We have the Gin & Tonic championship and we have some spectacular daytime sessions. But two of my favourite highlights are first, the outdoor cinema program where we will show old blockbuster movies and some more independent ones, and second, the live gig sessions, to experience some of the best performers we have when the sun sets under an open sky above everything else is really remarkable. You have to come by, this is a rooftop that needs to be experienced.

Photography: Peter Frantzell

Address: Brunkebergstorg 2-4

A new home for Danish architecture In an old brewery site, split by one of Copenhagen’s main ring roads, BLOX connects the parliament district with the harbour front and brings culture to the water’s edge. Designed by Ellen van Loon with Adrianne Fisher for OMA’s first project in Scandinavia, a space for cars becomes a space for people; a space to pass through becomes a space to reside. The new home for Danish Architecture Center (DAC) contains exhibition spaces, offices and co-working spaces, a café, a bookstore, a fitness center, a restaurant, twenty-two apartments and an underground automated public carpark.

– BLOX is a building that embraces the infrastructural challenges of its context. By radically intermingling urban functions, we blur the boundaries between the different programs. The DAC is at the heart of the building, surrounded by its objects of study: housing, offices, and parking – permanently in flux, connecting various uses and users together, almost by chance, says Ellen van Loon.

Photography: Richard John Seymour

The ultimate weekend getaway bag With an ambition to create well-designed bags, made to be used over and over again, Baron celebrates their 40th anniversary with a bunch of new releases. The Weekend bag has been refined several times over the years, made of canvas that will get a beautiful patina over the years, and leather details. It also features a rubber inner lining to protect what you may carry for your weekend getaway from rain and dirt. This fall also sees the launch of a new, smaller version of this modern classic.

The mask to start you up Combining a cleansing and uplifting effect, acclaimed Swedish Acasia Skincare’s new Start me up sheet mask has been awaited by skincare journalists for months. The sheet is soaked in 23 ml serum containing Retinol and Vitamin E made of charcoal from bamboo. Not only is it environmentally friendly and a naturally degradable material, but also antibacterial, rich on minerals and a natural antioxidant that cleanses as well as neutralizes the skin. The new mask fits all skin types except the most sensitive and dry ones. Acne For Peace Originally created by artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd in memory of his friend John Lennon, the peace symbol “The knotted gun” celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Over the years, charity organization The Non-Violence Project Foundation has asked the likes of Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, and Muhammed Ali to design their own. This year’s first guest designer is Acne Studios’ Creative Director Jonny Johansson, presenting his own revolver called Acne For Peace.

– My design idea was to reflect the colour world where I believe that we should all feel like home. Because who can not agree on Non-Violence? It should be obvious but still needs to be emphasised. That’s why it felt so important to create this sculpture, says Jonny Johansson.