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Robert Lindholm

Robert found photography when he picked up his dads Olympus OM-1 for the first time. He moved to New York when he got a chance to become the first assistant to Mikael Jansson. Now, at 30, his love for printed paper knows no bounds, as his dream assignment attests to a wrestling book in collaboration with Gosha Rubchinskiy.

Edited by Robin Douglas Westling

Why photography?

— I have always been curious about other people, cultures, places, and human behaviour. Photography has given me so many experiences that I will never forget.

What’s it like to work in New York?

— I got the opportunity to move here when I started to assist Mikael Jansson. I feel very humbled by the work and by the collaborations that have come my way since I stopped assisting and started on my own.

What do you think is the hardest thing in your industry?

— Being in this industry at this moment it is crucial for you to know how to present yourself, which I’m good at in person, but on Instagram — forget about it. I just want to take pictures. With that said, I’m trying to keep up with it.

How is the work environment in the industry?

— It’s a very exciting industry, filled with freaks and crazy people. I think that working as an assistant can create strong bonds between people because you share similar experiences that later turn into work/friend relationships.

Do you have any dream-assignment?

— I’d love to do a book about wrestling since it was a big part of my childhood. Perhaps together with Gosha Rubchinskiy?

Could you describe your aesthetic and style?

— My images often reflect my current mood. I tend to go with a warmer palette, but this will never be a certainty. Because I come from a classical background I think that I will always pay some homage to that every now and then, although I like to experiment with the viewing experience, textures, paper, printing process etc.

Is there anything that you think is particularly exciting in fashion right now?

— The new blood! Fashion is an effective tool which I hope that our generation will use in the most positive way to raise questions and awareness regarding subjects that are still looked upon as taboo by the mainstream.

What are the most interesting things in the Scandinavian fashion?

— Eytys, Our Legacy, and Per Götesson.