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Scandinavian MAN x Oscar Jacobson

”It’s important for me to try and mix my Scandinavian identity with all the weird and crazy ideas in my head”

Gio Armani Perona is a young creative based in Copenhagen. In 2018, he, together with Simon Wick, founded the brand (di)vision – a fashion brand rooted in the concept of sustainability. The brand is reconstructing existing garments in Copenhagen and transforming them to new ready to wear pieces, giving them new life and meaning. Gio is also working on a solo venture within the fashion industry.

Photography Dan Sjölund

Our Scandinavian identity is founded on values and driven by storytelling. Together with Oscar Jacobson, we’ve gathered eight personalities that innovate our times within music, movies, food, and interiors.

Can you tell us about what you have done and what is happening for you now?

—I’ve worked in retail for a couple of years, at Storm in Copenhagen, and co-founded a brand named (di)vision in Copenhagen with a friend. Now I’m working on a whole new project, putting all my time and effort in to that.

What does your background mean for you as a designer and entrepreneur?

—Being that I do not really have a background in fashion, other than retail, or entrepreneurship, I feel like we live in a time where if we really want something, we can make it happen. And that is what I am doing. Being a creative is my passion.

In what situation do you feel the most inspired?

—When I’m home with a cup of tea. But I definitely do get inspired being with others, there is just something special about being home in your own space.

How important is your appearance for your ability to convey your message?

—It is important to stay true to myself and reflect that in my style and appearance… but at the end of the day it is just clothes.

What are the most important themes of the fashion industry today?

—I think putting more focus on the environment is important. Saving it together while also challenging us to think and create in new and more innovative ways. It’s also nice to see gender-neutral fashion on the rise across the fashion industry… and more love and positive energy all around.

What values do you most value in others?

—Being yourself and staying true to that. My friends are my biggest inspiration and I love them for that! They are all creatives in some aspect.

How important is your Scandinavian identity?

—Identity is everything. And we have to stay true to it. It’s important for me to try and mix my Scandinavian identity, such as simplicity or minimalism, with all the weird and crazy ideas in my head.

What is your next step as a creator?

—Keep creating and trying out new things as well as just getting better at it. I really want to be more involved in all the things behind the scenes as well. Like styling, photography, and so on.

Gio is wearing Fenix double-breasted suit and Herman striped shirt from Oscar Jacobson Spring/Summer 2019.
Gio in Oscar Jacobson Spring/Summer 2019.